Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Morning Odds & Ends

Sunday evening Anderson Cooper was the master of ceremonies at the Concert for Hope in Washington, DC. Here's a montage of his appearance.

The New York Times had an article on Sunday about AC's talk show. Here's a snippet, to read all of it follow the link at the end of the tease.

Daytime talk shows, however, still have the capability to reach three million to four million viewers a day and remain, in the words of Michael Nathanson, the United States media analyst for Nomura, “a significant moneymaker.”

Mr. Nathanson said the costs for daytime talk shows remained so low — many at less than $1 million a week (Mr. Nathanson estimated the first year costs for “Anderson” at $25 million to $28 million) — that anything resembling a hit could generate tens of millions in revenue or more a year. Hosts often become quite wealthy, though that, Mr. Nathanson said, may be less an incentive for Mr. Cooper, a descendant of the Vanderbilt family.

Mr. Cooper‘s deal with CNN pays him about $10 million a year. He has an undisclosed ownership interest in the talk show, one that could pay him far more if it becomes a long-running success.

New York Times Media & Advertising

USA Today also had an article on 'Anderson'. Not a great deal of new information but if you haven't burnt out yet on the media overload then follow the link.

Speaking of media overload has anyone wondered why Anderson hasn't been doing the Letterman, Conan, Colbert, etc circuit to promote the talk show? Maybe we have that to look forward to in the near future? ~Phebe

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Dorothy said...

Phebe - you have had so much to keep up with lately and that will probably continue. Thanks so much for the great job that ATA does. Really appreciate you.

Anonymous said...

has anyone seen the daytime show yet?

Anonymous said...

Anderson's website says there is a major announcement on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Three words - Bored to tears.

MichellenLomita said...

Hi Phebe, it's been a long time since I last posted on ATA. I read the USA Today article "Anderson Cooper: From CNN to something more frivolous". I don't watch Ms. Griffin so will not check out the first broadcast of "Anderson". I might watch Fridays if the topic is interesting...hoping the show will replay at night Mon-Thur as I'm at work during the day and DVR everyday is too much trouble. He's still my favorite TV personality, but rarely watch him nowadays as I'm waiting to see him in a new live (not taped-live) program with an evening timeframe. Nice posting again on ATA!

Anonymous said...

Where were we when we heard the news about winehouse?
And this is from the globe trotting newsman who has seen everything????
Now let me think. was it really that important an event.
I don't care what the announcement is, I'm not wasting my time again.

Anonymous said...

There's a major announcemnt because the ratings were so low!

Anonymous said...

Phebe: Do you really believe that David Lettermen would have Anderson on his show?
That's like asking why he isn't on R&K anymore.
Everyone is standing on the sidelines waiting to see how really bad this show gets.
It is an insult to all talkshow hosts.
Anderson thinks it is so easy to be one. That's like David Lettermen saying one day, Gee, I think I'll be an anchor.