Friday, September 02, 2011

New 'Anderson' Promotional Video

A new 4 minute promotional video for 'Anderson' ~

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Anonymous said...

Sir you are no Phil Donahue. I can't believe all the hype they must really be afraid it will fail. This is the only place I've seen any of the promos, my local station that will run the show has not had any promos.

Anonymous said...

Wow, awesome!!

AC you go!!

Anonymous said...

This promotional is very hypocritical.
He uses the very people he once criticized and now he uses Oprah!
Unless Oprah doesn't mind, they better have gotten a disclaimer, or Time Warner is looking at a lawsuit for sure.
And it is odd that he promotes himself with his journalism, the very thing he doesn't want to do during daytime.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 3:45

Perhaps you didn't grasp the intention of the promo "You know where he's been" .... "Now see where he's going"? Not everyone that views the promo is likely to know Anderson's past... and they probably want to distinguish how the daytime program will be different. I could be wrong, but that's the way I looked at it.

As far as getting Oprah's permission, one of the executive producers of Anderson, used to work for Oprah. I'm sure she knows the rules...

I prefer Anderson the journalist, believe me I do. I'm not a fan of daytime, but I'm wiling to give him/the program a chance before I judge.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 3:45.
If the show is entitled "Anderson," it is assumed that everyone knows him.
He is using his journalistic expertise to promote himself on a show that's supposed to be in his own words "fun."
All the people Oprah let go, now work for AC. Is she an attorney?
Oprah has been very quiet as far as promoting Anderson. I wonder why?
We are not judging his program.
We are judging his promo. There's a difference.

Anonymous said...

To be quite honest I've not seen any promos either.
This is the only place I've seen them too unless they are on Fox 5 in the NY area.

Anonymous said...

My local channel shows the promos a lot

Lots of promos in my area said...

The bitterness of the anonymous posters is really getting old! Anderson is doing the daytime show, and he is excited about it, so just deal with it! Maybe you are not aware of how promotions are supposed to work, but the idea is to promote a show BEFORE it starts to let the viewing audience know that it is coming. I have seen tons of promos for it in my area on a few different channels that have picked up his show. I am really looking forward to it. I love watching him as a jouralist but don't see why he has to limit himself to one area. If you are so upset that he is doing this daytime show, just don't watch it!

Dorothy said...

Great promo spot. They are showing promos here in L.A. and can't wait for the show to start. Looks like it will be fun and informative.

No promos here. said...

Dear lots of promos you have to realize that sometimes not everyone will see things the same way. It isn't that anyone hates Anderson or the show it's just that we interpret it a different way. Don't get all bent out of shape.

Anonymous said...

@Lots of Promos Here:
The NYC area is the largest market.
If you don't air in this market you fail the test.
I live in this area.
I've seen zero promos.
Good luck in LA.
And I happen to agree with the first commenter.
It's quite evident.

Vivian said...

I was at the taping of Anderson last week :) It was great to seem him in person, his interaction with audience was fun. What I witness on that show makes me to believe that Anderson will be a successful show.


Anonymous said...

While I am quite certain it is fun to see him interact with a live audience, the show is not live to the viewing public.
We saw him with a live audience on CNN and although he looked as though he enjoyed himself and the audience looked as though they were enjoying themselves, it is the viewing public that has to be made to feel welcome.
Phil Donahue always interacted with "the callers at home."
He was one host that was ahead of his time.