Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Premiere Week on Anderson

'Anderson' posted the premiere week line up ~

Monday, September 12
An Exclusive Interview with Amy Winehouse's Family

Anderson's premiere show kicks off with an exclusive interview with the parents and boyfriend of Grammy winner Amy Winehouse, who was found dead at the age of 27 in her North London home.

Tuesday, September 13
Summer's Best with Kathy Griffin, Snooki & Daniel Radcliffe

Anderson spends the hour sharing with viewers how he spent his summer with special appearances by Kathy Griffin, Snooki and Daniel Radcliffe.

Wednesday, September 14
Abandoned at Birth: Baby Jane Doe & Miraculous Mary

Anderson speaks with two 24-year-old women who have miraculously remained resilient after facing some of the most extreme cases of neglect and abandonment as children.

Thursday, September 15
Sarah Jessica Parker & the Cast of Her New Movie, 'I Don't Know How She Does It'

Anderson explores the longstanding debate of stay-at-home moms vs. working moms, with Sarah Jessica Parker and the cast of "I Don't Know How She Does It." Plus, tips for successfully balancing your work and home life.

Friday, September 16
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: After the Tragedy

Anderson welcomes the cast of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" to discuss to the reality of reality TV.

And a few pictures of Anderson in the studio. Visit for more ~

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Anonymous said...

I live in the area and I have zero desire to see his show, or watch it.

Anonymous said...

Except for Daniel Radcliffe I don't find anyone on the guest list that interests me, especially RHWOBH and Kathy Griffin.

And to anyone who thinks I'm being harsh, too bad it's my opinion.