Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Series 9/25/11

This week we flashback to Live with Regis and Kelly circa August 5, 2008. Anderson is co-hosting and the guests are Blake Lively and Luke Wilson.
Our archives are incomplete for this episode and we have only a 5+ minute version of the host chat. If you have a more complete recording we'd love to have a copy.
In this host chat AC devotes a good bit of time to discussing his obsession with reality television including Living Lohan, Flipping Out and Project Runway.

At the end of the opening Anderson and Kelly discuss her boobs, or lack there of.

We don't have the clip of Luke Wilson, who dropped by to talk about his new movie Henry Poole is Here, but we did find the segment with Blake Lively on the ABC site:

And there was an InBox at the end of the program. Not as funny as some but still worth a watch.

Later that evening Erica Hill turned Anderson's Lohan rant into The Shot on AC360.

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ACAnderFan said...

I love that Anderson likes Flipping Out. That is the best show on Bravo. Maybe Anderson should have Jeff Lewis on his talk show, that could be amusing.

Anonymous said...

I love these look backs at Cooper cohosting Live. Thank you ATA.

I wonder if Andy watches any HGTV since he's a reality junkie?

Anonymous said...

Anderson looks younger and carefree in all the episodes with Kelly.
If he co-hosted on a steady basis, she would have half the responsiblity.
Now all of it falls on his shoulders, pass or fail.