Monday, September 12, 2011

Talk Show Extras and Anderson's Mom as a Guest

Anderson's talk show premiered today. (See previous post for the rundown) and Mr. Cooper has been in the news ~

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Anderson Cooper tackles emotional issues - including his own - talk show 'Anderson'

Anderson Cooper gets teary-eyed while interviewing mother Gloria Vanderbilt.

Anderson Cooper can't speak, and understandably so.
He's a third of the way into taping an edition of his new talk show, "Anderson," last Friday. His mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, is recounting his brother Carter's 1988 suicide.
Vanderbilt, 87, says that for a moment she thought she would jump off the balcony, too. But, she says, "I thought of you."
Cooper gets emotional. He's fighting. He rubs his mouth. He can't speak.
He tries to turn the focus to a family in the audience who, at an earlier taping for the show, had sought his help in dealing with their own loved one's suicide.
He chokes up again.
"You will laugh again," Vanderbilt says, stepping in to fill the gap left by Cooper's inability to talk.
Audience members gasp and moan. They're feeling it, too.
"It really is because of Anderson I'm sitting here right now," Vanderbilt says later in the show.
The Vanderbilt episode will air next Monday. It has the kind of feeling that daytime audiences soak up. Strong, emotional, female-oriented topics, presented by a likable, relatable host.
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Anderson Cooper Wants an 'Honest Conversation' as 'Anderson' Premieres

On a rainy post-Labor day Tuesday in New York, Anderson Cooper hit the pavement hard enough to produce an impressive bit of road rash on his right elbow.
The CNN anchor, 60 Minutes contributor and—beginning today—daytime talk show host, was riding his bike to the Columbus Circle set of Anderson, his new Telepictures-produced talk show. He was not wearing a helmet (he doesn’t want to mess up his silver mane, he jokes), but he was filming his ride – via his iPhone – for a video intro to the show, which on this day features Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump and Adrienne Maloof of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (the episode airs Sept 16).
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Anderson Cooper's 'Anderson': A review of a talk show that calls itself 'real,' 'raw,' and 'ready.'

Anderson Cooper began his syndicated daytime talk show Anderson on Monday, and it is, of course, unfair to evaluate a new talk show on the basis of its opening edition. But TV critics, like any other TV viewers, make immediate snap judgments that then change over time, so here are a few that occurred to me watching the new Anderson:
• The opening credits which feature footage of Cooper in action (how many viewers are going to Tweet that you should be wearing a helmet while on that bike, Anderson?), are augmented with buzz-words floating across the screen: “Real” “Raw” “Ready.” What? Slight miscalculation here in making one’s show sound like either a wrestling match or soft-core porn.
• Cooper’s first show is devoted to the life and death of Amy Winehouse, with family members including the late singer’s parents as his guests. I get the idea that he wanted to start his show with a topic that was both serious (to resonate with his hard-news credibility) and pop-culture (to signal that he’s going to do celebrity-themed shows). And some of the conversation was interesting, and poignant. While Winehouse’s father, Mitch, said, “We would not have been surprised if she’d died four years ago,” he also claims that Amy was on the mend — “We could see the light at the end of the tunnel” — were it not for the sudden death he ascribes to “a seizure [and] no one was there to rescue her.”
• Anyone who thinks viewers won’t accept Cooper in this role while he maintains his serious-anchor role on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 is foolish. For one thing, it’s not as though Cooper hasn’t gone down the pop-culture road before. This is, after all, a man who hosted a glorious season of The Mole. For another, news anchors have always dabbled in pop culture coverage. It’s clear that Cooper is using Phil Donahue as a rough role model, mixing news and fluff in what he hopes will be the right amounts to secure ratings while also engaging in some serious discussion.
All in all, a good opening day; I’ll keep watching the rest of the week. Will you?
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And posted several web extra videos today. Below are a couple, please click on the link to view the others ~

Butterfly story

Amy in St. Lucia

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Anonymous said...

And to answer her question, No I wouldn't be watching!

Anonymous said...

She's right.
He was likeable and relateable, but washing dirty laundry in order to make a buck is no longer likeable or relateable.
We related when he didn't want to talk about it.
Using the predominently female audience for this agenda is sickening.
Gee how fun....speaking of the suicide that killed your brother and with your mother who watched!

Anonymous said...

Here in SanDiego we are getting tennis. Kind of pissed

MichellenLomita said...

I want to see the video clip with Gloria next Monday, only thing that looks interesting at this point. I like his outfit in the pic, and his mom looks lovely and so youthful as always. Thanks for the fine updates, ATA. Happy videos are posting; I can skip what I don't want to see! (When will CNN ever cancel 360?)

Please think first said...

Anderson and his mother talking about the suicide of Carter is NOT exploiting it, promoting it or sickening in any way! Anyone who has been impacted by the tragedy of suicide knows how hard it is to talk about. The fact that they sharing their experiences on how they have managed to carry on (in the view of the public is even harder) is so helpful to those of us who have and are living it! Please think of those who may be helped by Anderson and his mom talking about suicide before casting your rude and igonrant opinions!

Anonymous said...

I have loved you for years with your news shows. I have admired the danger you have gone through to give us news. Now I am going to enjoy you doing your own show right here in the USA. I can not get over some of the comments being made. Keep up the good work. Can't wait till Monday. Marilyn, Ponca City. OK