Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday's Odds & Ends 9/20/11

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Forbes.com posted an article online looking at the 4 keys to Anderson's success: Passion, Vision, Focus and Confidence. To read the details just follow the link.

A little more information was posted online today about AC's upcoming special on bullying. Cooper's Town Hall will premiere Sunday, Oct. 9, at 8 p.m. (ET/PT) from Rutgers in New Jersey. To read more here's the link.

CNN posted the following video about the bullying special

Anderson did a q & a with fans yesterday afternoon. If you want to listen to the audio file here's the link.

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Anonymous said...

Anderson may have risen to the top of his profession, but he still is not in the same league as Steve Jobs or James Dyson.
And what Forbes leaves out is the fact that he had a Trust Fund behind his innovation that could allow him all the opportunity to explore new and foreign lands.
How many people just starting out have a trust fund behind them???
Some are just glad they can go to a community college for a year or two. He never had to think of the practicalities behind any of his decisions like so many others.
His ambition paid off, with the helping hand of a whole lot of cash....and it wasn't passion, it was "bliss."

SM Pratt said...

AC has always said he had to work because the Vanderbilt money was gone and that doesn't sound as far fetched as you might think. Even with the large Vanderbilt fortune you have several generations between Anderson and the originators of that fortune; the money has been handed down to each generation's children, diminishing the total each time. After a while the money runs out....but the social status lasts longer for a generation or so and the name still will help ease the way. My DH's ancestors were millionaires in the 1800s and early 1900s - after that with an average of 7 children per generation, plus the money they spent of their share, plus nursing home costs since they were long-lived (even when their minds weren't) by the time my DH was an adult the money was gone; there was enough to bury one parent but not the other. My DH had to go to college like I did - on the grace of the federal gov't for grants and loans and whatever scholarships we could earn. My children have done the same.

Anderson probably growing up had more than most and probably did not have to worry about school but I doubt his finances are as enormous as some think. I don't discount AC's hard work; he did work hard. If his "trust fund" and name had been that instrumental in his career then why could he not get a job with one of the news offices when he graduated college? That "trust fund" and "name" didn't help much to get him started.

Anonymous said...

@SM Pratt: I agree with you and I also acknowledge AC's ambition.
But as with Donald Trump, his father gave him $200,000 when he graduated college. Not a lot in todays market, but it is something and "The Donald" has the same type of ambition that served him well.
They both took chances and the like.
However, going back to AC, he had to have "cash" even at 17 to explore Africa. He HAD to have money to live on.
By the time he got to channel one, he had been around the world.
I'm sure he camped out at times, but in order to travel, you must have money. So yes, while his trust fund may have been smaller than we think, it was large enough to get him where he is.
Money always makes things easier.

SM Pratt said...

Gloria hadn't been bilked of her money when he was in college so it would have been easy for her to bankroll him at that time.

Money may open the door but its what you do after you step through that door that counts. Anderson was very creative and hardworking once through that door and IMHO that is what has been more instrumental in his success than any Vanderbilt money, whether it still exists or not.