Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tuesday's RidicuList: Brad Marchand's Tattoo Artist

No SHOT tonight, but there was some good Anderson/Isha banter ~

The RidicuList: Brad Marchand's Tattoo Artist

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to comment on yesterday's comments:

I don't know where you guys have been the last few years. AC360 has been sucking for at least 2-3 years, it just constantly seems to get worse, even though it's hard to imagine how this is possible. Anyway, it has nothing to do with his daytime show.

Speaking of which, AC said his daytime show is going to be different from 360, yet he covers the same subjects (bullying, FLDS, freak of the day). He said it would be fun, uplifting and educational. REALLY??? I am sooo disappointed in the choice of subject matters thus far! It's just been another freak show like all the rest of TV programming. I don't know who they think wants to see this stupid crap, but it's not me! Such a waste of opportunity to be better and different!

Anonymous said...

@3:35: You are absolutely correct about the content of the daytime show.
That's one reason I refuse to watch and to me it is sheer laziness and audience stupidity.
Yes, some people are fooled.
The one with Gloria happened to be the best in a bunch of really lazy programming.
Yes, you are right. It was his chance to elevate the discussion and become a daytime Charlie Rose and AC blew it!

Anonymous said...

Great! You've made you point quite CLEAR. You don't like the show. We get it. Now if you would just get that we get it and stop negatively commenting EVERYTIME a highlight of the show is posted.

Now, once again, let's see if I've got hate the show and you don't want to watch it.

Well I and some others do so your comments are not going to change our minds. So excuse our "stupidity". I don't see what's wrong with giving Anderson a chance for one season before writing the show off completely.

Anonymous said...

Some viewers like the intellectual Anderson and some viewers like the adorable anderson and some feel he is generally overexposing himself.
If some commentors offend your sensibilities, I suggest YOU stop reading the ones that offend.

Dorothy said...

anonymous@8:39 - thank you well said! Better yet are the people who don't watch the show but sure have a lot to say about it. How do they do that?