Thursday, September 01, 2011

Wednesday's The Shot & RidicuList: Every News Station

The Shot:

The RidicuList:

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Anonymous said...

Ha thanks for posting this close up, I saw it last night but ha to watch again to see why they did the close up

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Anderson has Snooki on the brain.
I don't understand his fascination with her and I don't think she's a bit entertaining.
I hope his daytime show isn't devoted to this nonsense that no one cares about.
If he wants his viewing audience to relate, we have to care about the subject matter.
How many people, or adults actually care about Snooki?

Anonymous said...

I have Snooki on the brain too, actually Dr. Snooki, after reading an article on July 2011 issue of Glamour. She's got a way about "dogs"! No wonder AC says "you hold the key to my heart".

Alas, alas!