Friday, September 16, 2011

Will Anderson Cooper Be Stephen's New Best Friend?

Anderson tweeted the following Thursday night ~

And he did indeed show up!

I'll heal your hurt ~

Call me ~

David Copperfield was a guest on the program last night, too and he tweeted a picture of himself with AC.

'Anderson' has released the schedule of guests and topics for next week's shows ~

Monday, Sept. 19
The Story of My Mom: Gloria Vanderbilt: Anderson spends the hour with his 87-year-old mother actress/author/painter/fashion designer Gloria Vanderbilt, who shares the story of her remarkable life. Anderson also surprises his mom throughout the hour with special guests, including Diane Von Furstenberg, Kathy Griffin and a special performance by Gloria’s favorite singer, Judy Collins, who performs “Amazing Grace.”

Tuesday, Sept. 20
Conjoined Twins: Anderson speaks with 4-year-old conjoined at the head twins, Tatiana and Krista Hogan, who are the only known twins to share a critical part of the brain. He also speaks with their parents who discuss the challenges and concerns associated with raising conjoined twins and society’s reaction to them. Anderson also speaks with formerly conjoined twins, 10-year-old Josie and Teresa Alvarez, who were separated over nine years ago, and their parents to discuss life after the separation.

Wednesday, Sept. 21
Outrageous Custody Battle: Anderson speaks with several parents currently caught in tumultuous child custody battles, all of whom believe they have been mistreated by the justice system. Anderson also meets Craig Schelske, ex-husband of country singer Sara Evans, who blames the loss of his children on false allegations, including claims of pornography and infidelity, filed during his divorce proceedings.

Thursday, Sept. 22
Wallace Jeffs & Making Polygamy Legal with Kody Brown & Wives: Anderson speaks with Wallace Jeffs, the half-brother of Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints leader Warren Jeffs who was recently convicted sexually assaulting underage followers and sentenced to life in prison. He also speaks with former members of the FLDS congregation. Plus, the cast of SISTER WIVES including Kody Brown and his four wives join Anderson on stage.

Friday, Sept. 23
Jerry & Jessica Seinfeld: For the first time ever, Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld appear on stage together on a television show. The Seinfelds discuss with Anderson their family, Jerry’s disdain for reality TV, twitter and more. Anderson surprises Jerry with longtime friend, comedian George Wallace, who served as best man at his wedding. Jessica teaches Anderson, who is challenged when it comes to cooking, how to cook a simple meal.

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Anonymous said...

Since this is the designated spot for remarks about Anderson's daytime show, TV Guide has reported that his so called friend,
Andy Cohen, is up for Regis's job.
It is a long shot, BUT, guess who was subbing for Regis just TODAY???
Yes, it was Andy himself sitting right next to Kelly.
Personally I found Andy not quite suitabble for the opening, but then again, I'm not Regis.
And it supposedly is the biggest "get spot," in town....a real cushy job.
Perhaps AC should have pushed a little harder on Disney. He knows how to be persuasive when he wants something and Kelly was eager to have him and the audience was already established.

Lauren--NY said...

I would have loved to see AC replace Regis Philbin, but it's worth pointing out that he would not have been afforded the EP position--that, presumably, will stay with Michael Gelman--and he'd have less control overall. This way, AC can do an entire hour on one story, or even take the show on the road if he wants.

I recognize that it's a massive risk, but I understand why he took it. Time will tell, but I'm pulling for him.

Anonymous said...

Exactly which show would he take on the road that would be interesting enough and then there's the liability aspect??
Spending and hour on the HWOBH is a waste of time for him as well as his viewers.
According to Bravo's estimates it is the lowest rated housewives show with less than 2 million to start.
He would have been much better off taking Regis's position and having a sub whenever there was breaking news.
Now it is his baby, win or LOSE.

Anonymous said...

Anderson seems like a man not afraid to fail if it is something he wants to do. I for one hope he is happy. I don't know about the ratings but I have enjoyed his show very much. So far 360 has not suffered either.