Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Anderson: Anderson Investigation…Germs

Anderson opened today's program talking about germs, how he's overcome some of his early germaphobe tendencies and introduced Dr. Sanjya Gupta. Sanjay and Anderson discussed some of the germs found on everyday items that had been swabbed ~

And then some of Anderson's items that were tested and after a break a few women from the audience had items tested as well ~

Next up was a discussion of germs found in fast food restaurant play areas, an upscale NYC restaurant and hospitals. There were also questions from the audience. After a short break we heard the stories of two different women who had limbs amputated and almost died due to contracting flesh eating disease.

Next up was a discussion of the effectiveness of hand sanitizer and Sanjay gave Anderson a lesson on the proper way to wash one's hands ~

The last segment included Anderson getting his first flu shot ~

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Anonymous said...

Was it really necessary to have the women who had their limbs amputated upfront and center, on display, so we could all gape in horror, at their deformities?
Why do people set themselves up for this and why did this show need to become 'freakish?'
This could have been a very informative, enjoyable relaxed show, one of the few I've seen, but no, we had to see, up close and personal, exactly what uncontrollable flesheating bacteria can actually do to you and thus the amputees without, the prosthetics. Oh, think of the ratings! Both gruesome and gory rolled into one harmonious glob of awful in the afternoon....!
Thank goodness for Sanjay and Anderson should put this man on retainer, because so far, the few good shows I've seen on 'Anderson' had the good doctor.

sydney said...

I found today's show interesting, always learn something new from Dr. Gupta. It just so happens I got my flu shot AND cleaned my cell phone yesterday. :) I guess I need to clean it more often. Plus I'm sure my purse is a mess, I never clean that! One thing that would've been interesting to test is the reusable grocery bags, I'm sure they're dripping with all kinds of "cooties" as well. Hmmm, maybe I should go wash mine...

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I really liked today's episode of 'Anderson'. Always good to see Sanjay as he always has something interesting and informative to say. I liked the banter between him and Anderson. Something that they didn't mention but probably has a lot of germs are the discharge wheelchairs at the hospital. I volunteer at my local hospital and I do discharge people I can tell you its very rare that we clean our discharge wheelchairs with the clorox wipes.

Anonymous said...

Hospitals are the worst place to become infected with all kinds of infectious diseases.
I don't think Sanjay emphasized this when he interviewd the women who lost their limbs.
Both were emitted to hospitals and could have easily caught an infectious disease just by being there.
As far as items in purses and purses themselves, women are always laying them on bathroom floors if there are no hooks on doors and all cell phones have bacteria just by handling.
Interesting how Sanjay showed AC how to wash his hands.
Sanjay's a surgeon and that is exactly why he's so thorough when washing between his fingers.
Just viewed the clips, however.

Anonymous said...


The one woman had her baby at home and already had the flesh eating disease before she went to the hospital. She has no idea where she picked it up. The other one thinks it may have come from a visit to the ER with one of her children.

While I feel terrible for the women, to me the segment was just odd and didn't really fit with the rest of the program. The tone of the rest of the program was lighter more about germs people generally encounter in day to day activities. Flesh eating disease is rather rare and didn't seem to fit, IMO.

IMO Sanjay made the program. His knowledge and easy banter with Anderson made it enjoyable to watch and today I actually learned something useful!


Anonymous said...

It is interesting to note, that according to USA Today, Rosie is not doing well on OWN.
Her total, including all the Discovery channels, whatever that means, was 1.5 million, but on OWN she only had a mere 200,000
to start.
Personally I don't know a single person who watches Oprah's channel.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 1:27 OWN is a channel I seldom go to and that's because it seems to be mostly reruns of other shows. The new Oprah Master Class is a joke, who wants to hear from someone who supposedly left television and then came back. Also for me it's just something that an egotistical person would do. I did watch Oprah over the years, but toward the end it was more about her than anything else.

I thought yesterday's Anderson was interesting - for a guy who touched all kinds of junk when he was out in the field to proclaim he was and still is partially a germaphobe I found to be quite funny. And yes Sanjay was one reason I stayed tuned in.


aries moon said...

Just watched this episode and enjoyed it. I could really relate to Anderson's public bathroom issues.