Monday, October 03, 2011

Anderson: Bullying

Anderson opened today's program explaining why he wanted to do a show on bullying and introduced us to Jamey Rodemeyer ~

Anderson spoke with Jamey's dad, Timothy; his mom, Tracy; and his sister, Alyssa. We learned about Jamey and how he connected with Lady Gaga, how his sister was the one that found him, a little about Jamey's life and how the bullying continued after Jamey's death.

Alyssa sang a song she had written for Jamey.

Next we were introduced to Kevin and Wanda Jacobsen whose son Kameron, age 14, also committed suicide because he was bullied for being small. Kareron's sister, Kiersten, was in the audience. Also in the audience was NY State Senator, Jeff Klein, who is fighting bullying on the legislative level.

Bullying is not unique to boys, and next we met Elise, age 12 and her mom, Karrie; and Emily, age 15 and her mom Carla. Both girls spoke of being bullied in school and their mom's talked about actions they've taken to get help for their daughters.

Anderson spoke with Jessica, a girl in the audience, who at age 15 talked about being bullied for being Jewish and having a big nose, among other things, and how bullying destroyed her self esteem.

Anderson turned to Dr. Dorothy Espelage, Prof of Educational Psychology at the University of Illinois, about addressing bullying issues in the school and in the home ~

Anderson closed the program by thanking his guests and saying he would see us next time.

More clips from today's program are available at Please click on the link below ~


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Anonymous said...

That about sums it up, doesn't it? ;-p

Seems the more they talk about it, the more things stay the same. It all seems so pointless.


ACAnderFan said...

Good episode of 'Anderson' today. Its sad that there's so much bulling going on and yet nothing seems to be done about it.

Dorothy said...

This is a subject that just breaks my heart. I think attention must stay on this subject and it will never be pointless to do so. It needs to be constantly brought to the forefront. I was bullied as a young child because of my weight at that time. I was lucky enough to have great parents and a strong circle of friends that stuck by me and that was many years ago and it was happening back then - I think the peer pressure today has made it worse. As I worked in my childs school I was even made more aware of how horribly mean kids could be to one another. I wonder what goes on in the mind or life of the child or person that has a need to bully and/or constantly put others down. They say that the most insecure people are the ones that need to bully or put others down in order to prove their own importance and cover their own insecurities and I truly believe that. In some weird sick way it makes them feel important. Hopefully by keeping focus on it - some kids with the help of someone will make it to the next step.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe it when I heard that the dead boy's parents did not contact the bullies' parents or the bullies themselves and instead left it all up to the school. SINCE WHEN IS IT THE SCHOOLS' JOB TO RAISE YOUR KIDS??? Whatever happened to take responsibility as a parent and take care of your own kids? No wonder that poor boy felt his life was not worth living when his own parents couldn't be bothered to protect him! There's your problem right there! And I just bet that the parents didn't want to offend anyone, so they just didn't do anything. Same with the sister. How sad is that???


Anonymous said...

Bullying is a terrible thing. The social media available today means it doesn't end at school or the playground, but follows the kids 24/7. Many probably won't agree -- but I blame parents 100% -- they either aren't present enough in their kids lives or are in denial about their children's behavior. A teacher/the school can only do so much. They cannot be responsible for kids 24/7 -- that's the parent's job. Too many parents have no idea what their kids are doing much of the time.

I agree with Dorothy, it is the insecure kids that often bully, but why are these kids insecure? Mostly likely because their parents aren't helping them build self-esteem. IMO parents hand their kids the latest technology, but too many have no idea how their kids are using it. And many think that buying kids things makes up for not spending time with them -- how wrong.

You can talk about this subject until you are blue in the face, but until parents start taking responsibility for their children, nothing much is going to change.

I was happy to see several types of bullying - besides just sexual orientation - discussed. The two girls with their mom's didn't share why they were bullied and I found that a little puzzling, but if they weren't comfortable sharing then I'm glad Anderson didn't pry.

-- Jenn