Friday, October 07, 2011

Anderson Cooper 360 Friday 10/7/11

MORMONISM SEEN AS A CULT: Anderson Cooper reporting
Interviews with Rev. Robert Jeffress and Bruce Feiler (author)

Interviews with Amy Kremer (Tea Party Express) and Prof. Cornel West (Princeton)

THE CONNECTION, HEARING LOSS BREAKTHROUGH: Anderson talks with Dr. Sanjay Gupta about new technology with hearing loss
CRIME & PUNISHMENT, AMANDA KNOX: Anderson talks with Dr. Drew Pinsky



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ACAnderFan said...

Rev. Robert Jeffress is a nut bag! Nothing he said made sense. Everything that came out of his mouth was way out there and ridiculous. Mormonism is not a cult.

I liked Anderson's discussion with Sanjay about the woman who can now hear thanks to new technology.

Cate said...

So happy to see Anderson report on the Occupy Wall Street protests. The hypocrisy on the right is BLINDING!!

Anonymous said...

@ ACAnderFan I question the depth of your knowledge of the LDS ‘religion’. While I do believe that the Rev. Jeffress was a bit of a ‘nut bag’ as you referred to him he did have some very valid points. Mormonism is a cult, most Christian ministers (and I don’t mean just the Evangelical ones) acknowledge and teach that. If you’ve never had a discussion with your minister on the subject I suggest you ask him. Until I was educated I had no idea what the Mormon belief system was and once I was educated I was amazed at how it differs from Christianity. Remember that just because Mormons say they are Christians doesn’t make them Christians. To be a Christian there are certain tenets you must believe in and Mormon’s simply don’t.

A few examples? Mormons believe that they can become God, Christians know they can’t.
Mormons believe in the Bible but also in The Book of Mormon. Christians know the Bible is the true word of God, there is no other.
Mormons hold to a plurality of gods, Christians worship the one true God.
Mormons believe they will get to heaven by showing God their good deeds, Christians believe we get into heaven not by what we do but by the righteousness of Jesus Christ
Mormons have at least 3 heavens. Celestial heaven for the not so good, Terrestrial heaven for those that fell a little short and the Celestial Kingdom which is comprised of Temple worthy Mormons. And the Celestial Kingdom has 3 levels the highest of which means you are the God of your own planet. Does that sound like a Christian belief to you? None I’ve heard of.

Do some research when you have the time, and I highly recommend you do not go to the site that Anderson Cooper recommended.

Anonymous said...

I've known for a long time that Mormonism is a cult. I've had several discussions with my minister, had a co-worker who was Mormon and and done research on the subject.

The problem with the segment on 360 was that one was led to believe that is was just Evangelicals that believes it to be a cult; and that is simply not the case. I'm a Methodist, which is probably the most liberal of Christian religions, and we believe Mormonism is a cult.

Saying you are a Christian, doesn't make you one.

Mormonism is just wrong on so many levels for members to be considered Christian. Perhaps this topic deserved a second segment educating viewers on the beliefs of Mormonism, instead of leaving viewers confused/mis-informed and referring them to a website to do their own research. I believe viewers should be educated before stepping in the ballot booth; and AC360 had a chance to do that tonight, instead we got an old segment on the Amanda Knox (recorded Wednesday) and a commercial for Sunday's Bullying special.

Was glad 360 finally reported on what's taking place on Wall Street and other cities around the country. I guess Wall Street is Downtown NYC and The Time Warner Center is in Mid-Town -- maybe the subway was broken?

aries moon said...

I don't know what took 360 so long to cover OccupyWallStreet, but I was pleased to see them finally get around to it. I could've done without Tea Party Express's Amy Kremer's talking points and would've preferred that they had another spokesperson from OWS in addition to Prof. Cornel West. Anderson's still of the belief that only a "fringe" element of the Tea Party is racist--I see it differently--there was no Tea Party until President Obama was elected--their original motivation has always been crystal clear for me and it had very little to do with the fiscal concerns AC goes on about. I hope Anderson will familiarize himself with what the OWS protestors want and that we will continue to see reports on the show about their concerns--it is deserves as much coverage as the Tea Party, and IMO, more since this actually is a genuine grassroots movement, unlike the Tea Party despite what the media would have us all believe.

Cameron said...


"Do some research when you have the time, and I highly recommend you do not go to the site that Anderson Cooper recommended."

ha. Wow. Hey read up on the mormons, but be sure not to go straight to the source...wouldnt want to actually read the official information...You need to go to your minister..and hear it secondhand. Thats the way to go

Several points of that information is misconstrued. and the website is But what never ceases to baffle me is the way religion is handled these days. So many people claim to be "closet experts" on the mormons. Or any other religion for that matter. Have you ever considered speaking to one yourself? How are you expected to find truth if you haven't sought it for yourself? Mormons could be right or wrong, but if i wanted to buy a Ford i wouldn't go to a Chevy dealership