Monday, October 03, 2011

Anderson Cooper 360 Monday 10/3/11

AMANDA KNOX FREED FROM ITALIAN PRISON: Anderson Cooper reports the details
Follow Up: Matthew Chance from Perugia, Italy via satellite
Discussion: Marcia Clark, Jeffrey Toobin and Drew Griffin

THE VICTIM, MEREDETH KERCHER: Anderson Cooper reporting
Digging Deeper: Greg Hampikian (DNA expert & Criminal Justice Professor)

Discussion: Roland Martin, Ari Fleischer and Erick Erickson




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judy said...

The only interesting aspect about the Amanda Knox trial was seeing what took place today.
Marcia Clark was insiteful as always, pointing out the differences in courtroom procedures.
Hearing Amanda Knox taking the stand and speaking in Italian, with the English translation alongside was compelling.
It occured to me that Marcia was in NYC possibly for AC's dayside show which is to replace the one about teen's and their thinking or whatever this producer cooked up.
Marcia is based in LA.
I did not watch the bullying segment but I did read the ATA summation.
If AC wants to really delve into bullying "get out of the studio and go into a public school."
Not a private venture, like the Wheaton School, a public school.
And then book a guidance couselor on the show with classroom teachers.
Were any present during his show?
Did HE ask his audience if there were any teachers present?
Not that teachers have all the answers, but speaking to THEM just might draw some needed light on this situation.

Anonymous said...

Much of the information Anderson and the panel's Amanda Knox discussion was already covered well by Wolf Blitzer. Of course, many 360 viewers may not have watched CNN earlier.

As for Perry and the "N" ranch, I'm disappointed in Herman Cain for caving in so quickly. He could have made this a big stick and bashed Perry with it but nope, Perry talked to Cain and now Cain is saying all's forgiven.

Because I channel-surfed during much of the Knox trial news, I saw Olbermann cover the Wall Street protests. In one of the photos he showed while discussing media coverage of the protest, there was a young woman with a hand-painted sign "Michael is gone - America is starving." Good point but 360 still had the habitual Jackson segment.

@Judy - excellent idea to talk to teachers about bullying in the schools. CNN will broadcast an Anderson special on bullying this weekend. Is it just a repeat of his daytime show?


Anonymous said...

@Judy -

Anderson did talk to a teacher in the audience today and she explained all that's laid at the feet or teachers and asked how they are supposed to watch for bullying, too. The exchange with the educational psychologist was interesting. Some interesting points were brought up.

I, for one, think that the main responsibility lies with parents, but like with so many other things these days, parents expect the schools to raise their children for them.

I do think that schools need to address bullying when it's an apparent problem and discipline bullies accordingly.

Anonymous said...


I didn't watch Wolf or any other TV late afternoon, so the Amanda Knox news was new and interesting to me.

I did catch a bit of Erin Burnett's new program and she went down to Wall Street today and was reporting on the situation.

As for MJ - at least the segments seem to be getting shorter. It is CNN so we will hear the blow-by-blow until this one is over, I'm afraid.

-- Jenn

aries moon said...

Erin Burnett's coverage of Occupy Wall Street was some of the worst reporting I've ever seen on CNN. Since when does a good journalist approach a story with their minds already made up?

judy said...

Why not have a group of parents and teachers speak about bullying, minus the kids for once?
We've heard from the kids, now lets hear from the adults.
Adults were once children and we've been there.
True it was in a more subtle manner, but it existed and we survived.
We called them cliques. Exclusiveness and inclusiveness does not end in childhood and children of all ages must learn this.
It gets better because reasonable people "adjust."

Suzanne M. Pratt said...

Did you catch what Amanda risked by appealing? Italian courts, of course, don't work like US courts - when you appeal over in Itay, you can have one of 3 outcomes: 1) original ruling and sentence can be upheld; 2) original ruling can be upheld and the sentence can be made LONGER (yikes!)and then 3) what Amanda got - ruling reversed and she was let go. No wonder the Knox family was so tense; you may feel like your evidence is incontrovertible but you never can predict a judge and jury.

I also heard (I think on AC) that the prosecutor was going to appeal the ruling. If he does, I hope Amanda doesn't go over to Italy for it even if summoned. The whole thing made me appreciate our justice system more.