Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Anderson Cooper 360 Tuesday, October 4, 2011

AMANDA KNOX RETURNING HOME: Background information from Anderson Cooper and then Drew Griffin reporting from Seattle. Interviews later in the first hour with Tom Wright (FriendsOfAmanda.org), Kent Hickey (Pres. of Amanda's HS), Greg Hampikian (Dir. Innocence Project) and Nina Burleigh (author).

360 RAW POLITICS, GOV. CHRISTIE SAYS NO: Panel discussion with Mary Matalin, Erick Erickson and Gloria Borger

BOTCHED ATF GUN STING: Anderson Cooper reporting
Follow Up Interview with Rep. Darrell Issa (Judiciary Committee)

LIVE COVERAGE OF AMANDA'S RETURN TO THE US: Theodore Simon (attorney), Amanda's parents and a very emotional Amanda all gave statements. The discussion continued in the 10 PM hour with Nina Burleigh, Tom Wright and Drew Griffin

MICHAEL JACKSON TRAIL, DAY 6: Randi Kaye reporting
Follow Up Legal Discussion: Sunny Hostin and Mark Geragos



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judy said...

So Chris Christie said "No, it was not his time."
Hopefully Chris, it will NEVER be your time and this country will be saved from insanity.
In the meantime, NJ will have to suffer and you will have to answer the nice big lawsuit filed against you from the NJEA and the NJREA because of collective bargaining rights and COLA.
The police and fireman are next and they know it, so expect "love letters" from them as well.
One thing about Erin Burnett's new schedule bothers me.
Why did she take one hour away from Wolf Blitzer so we could hear her babble??
Wolf was the ONLY program to hit one million viewers on Monday and he gets only ONE HOUR to do his magic!
Erin Burnett will prove to be a major disappointment and CNN Management is run by morons.
You heard from me first.

Anonymous said...

@Judy - I think Wolf still has two hours -- just moved up an hour. I'm sure he got the million number on Monday, because his program is the one that happened to be on the air when the Amanda Know news came in. I like Wolf, but reality is reality.

I'm glad Chris Christie is not running, but since when did someone need to hold a press conference to say there weren't running and why is this considered news? The man said no all along, so this wasn't a shocker people.

I'm willing to give Erin a chance - since I didn't like Eliot at first and grew to really like him.

I hope the media leaves Amanda alone and lets her have time with her family and friends and I'm guessing some counseling may be in order. Glad to see her make it back home.

-- Jenn

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jenn for letting me know about Wolf.
That would mean he starts at 4PM here on the East Coast.