Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Anderson Cooper 360 Wednesday, October 5, 2011

APPLE FOUNDER STEVE JOB DIES: Anderson Cooper and Dan Simon, reporting
Discussion: Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Andy Serwer (Fortune) and Leander Kahney (CULTOFMAC.COM)


Anderson Cooper opened the second hour with a tribute to Jobs and also reading statements from people who had personal relationships with Jobs.

BY PHONE: Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, both co-founders of APPLE

DISCUSSION: Dr. Gupta talks about pancreatic cancer

SARAH PALIN NOT RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT: Anderson Cooper and Peter Hamby reporting
Discussion: Roland Martin, Gloria Borger, Ed Rollins, Dana Loesch and Ari Fleischer


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ACAnderFan said...

I liked 360 last nite. Sad to hear about the passing of Steve Jobs. The timeline of Steve Jobs accomplishments was very interesting. I never realized just how much he accomplished.

Anonymous said...

Steven Jobs was a great innovator and CEO and was probably a nice guy to sit next to on a long flight. Jobs gave birth to a fantastic company and I've been a fan of the many Apple products.

However, it seemed like Anderson was going to cover Jobs' life and death for the entire hour. By the half-hour mark I was channel-surfing. So I'm a little surprised by the ATA summary showing 360 actually had a segment on Sarah Palin in the program.

My DH, who's been a big Apple fan since the early days, was pissed off at CNN for removing the scheduled Piers Morgan interview with Seth MacFarlane (DH is a fan of Seth's too) for more on Jobs.

I'm sorry Jobs is gone and sad for his family. But CNN way went overboard on this.


judy said...

Yes, I thoroughly agree with Jaanza.
CNN unfortunately, milked Job's death for all it was worth.
When it was first reported, it was poignant, especially when Steve Jobs was speaking at Stanford.
He was always a very private person, and he really spoke from the heart at the commencement.
Sanjay added in depth detail to his pancreatic cancer and how Job's had a better survival rate than other pancreatic cancers.
AC's phone conversation with Steve Wozniak also gave us addition insite into Job's character, his business sense, and his passion for technological advancement.
Having Wolf on instead of Piers was a good move as well to cover the "breaking news."
But when AC was back at 10 and spent another entire hour, it was "overkill."
AND THEN, CNN REPEATED the entire first hour at 11PM!
This is typical of CNN. If you have something news worthy, BEAT IT TO DEATH FOR RATINGS!
I am an Apple shareholder and I thought it was totally inappropriate to spend 3 solid hours on Steve Jobs.
I will miss him, along everyone else and the stock will probably take a hit, but it wasn't a total shock folks.
We all knew he was very ill.
He was a great innovator and his expertise in marketing is being copied by Amazon and others right now.
But just when I was going to commend CNN, the disappointment set in.
CNN is just the opposite of Job's in marketing skill. They are MORONS.

Suzanne M. Pratt said...

Anytime there is a death of some well-known person 360 over-covers it. I thought the first 30 minutes was ok but then I was ready for other news.

It's not like there wasn't any other news either - there was the deaths of 3 other men, including A.C. Nielson of the Nielson ratings, Fred Shuttlesworth of the civil rights movement, and one of the many characters in the Watergate incident; protests in Greece over their precarious fiscal situation; protests here in the US (new places and more people but no arrests) over combined ills of the country - anti-Wall Street, unemployment, no jobs, price increases, threatened cuts in social problems, loss of housing, etc.; first snow of the year in the Sierra Nevadas which are expecting a colder and snowier winter this year; Amanda Knox; the trial progress of Michael Jackson's doctor; Sarah Palin announcing that she is not going to run for President; a manhunt for a killer in California; a current poll with veterans that show that 33% of them do not think the sacrifice and the effort in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were worth it; and the death of Steve Job. NBC news covered all of that in their allotted 22 minutes.

I know Anderson does things in more depth but the whole show on Jobs was just a bit too much. Having watched 360 since Hurricane Katrina I knew when he started with it and was covering it as breaking news that Jobs was going to be most of the show. CNN loves repetition so having that as the main topic on Piers Morgan show is par for the course. Maybe if CNN did not do so many repeats and so much redundant reporting on all their shows, their ratings might go up.

Anonymous said...

Seems like I'm in the minority here, but I really enjoyed 360. Steve Jobs was an innovator and IMO, more media attention needs to be given to people like Steve Jobs.

I'm not a MAC person, but I do own and iPod and before too long, will probably own an iPad. This man had a brilliant mind and think of the way he changed so many people's daily lives. Also, think about all the jobs he created! His impact on business/society/culture is phenomenal.

I applaud Anderson and 360 for going 2 hours on this story. I'm over Palin, Christie, and The Donald playing games for their own benefit and garnering media attention. Since when is it news when someone decides not to run for something? And all the coverage on the Conrad Murray trial isn't going to bring Michael Jackson back..

I found it refreshing to see innovation applauded. Hearing Steve's success story just might inspire that future young innovator to pursue their dream....

To pass on a tweet I saw last night - iSad...