Thursday, October 06, 2011

Anderson Cooper at Rutgers University for Bullying Town Hall

As posted yesterday, Anderson is airing a Town Hall "Bullying: It Stops Here" on Sunday night. The taping for the program was held yesterday at Rutgers University. Anderson's assistant, Joey, tweeted the following photo of Anderson doing some last minute preparation in the car on the way to Rutgers ~

A few photos from the taping ~

Anderson Cooper 360° Executive Producer Charlie Moore; Dr Phil McGraw; Kelly Ripa; Anderson Cooper; Stuart Snyder, Pres/COO Cartoon Network; Alice Cahn, VP, Social Responsibility, cartoon network (photograph credit: Lorenzo Bevilaqua/CNN)

Lee Hirsch, Kelly Ripa; Anderson Cooper, best-selling author Rosalind Wiseman; Dr Phil McGraw (photograph credit: Lorenzo Bevilaqua/CNN)

Lee Hirsch, Director of “The Bully Project”, Kelly Ripa, Anderson Cooper (photograph credit: Lorenzo Bevilaqua/CNN)

Kelly spoke a bit about bullying and her involvement in the project both yesterday and today during the host chat portion of Live with Regis & Kelly ~



And following are a few excerpts from an article released by Rutgers' Media Relations that gives a behind the scenes look. Please click on the link for the full article.

Rutgers Hosts Anderson Cooper 360° Town Hall on Bullying
Students assist with pre-production and attend live taping

President Richard L. McCormick and Joan Barry McCormick welcome Anderson Cooper to Rutgers. (Credit: Nick Romanenko)

Anderson Cooper and his CNN crew descended on Rutgers yesterday to tape the first of a five-day series on bullying, transforming the Livingston Student Center into a full-blown set, complete with risers, cranes, and an 18-wheeler mobile studio. There were also a few celebrities: “Dr. Phil” McGraw; talk show host Kelly Ripa; and Jane Lynch of Glee, who joined Cooper via satellite.

More than 50 Rutgers students, many of whom are engaged in activities to combat bullying, attended the taping of the show, an episode of Anderson Cooper’s 360°, which will air on Sunday, October 9, at 8 p.m. One reason Cooper chose to host the forum at Rutgers was the suicide of student Tyler Clementi last fall, which became a “tipping point in the national consciousness,’’ said the show’s producer, Chuck Hadad. Tyler’s death preceded a wave of bullying-related teen suicides that focused media attention on the issue.

CNN invited students from Rutgers professor Steve Miller’s journalism classes to help out with pre-production. The students toured the network’s mobile studio in the parking lot, met with Cooper and his staff, and helped test lighting. “For students to be able to see them set up and shoot a show like this is a once in a lifetime opportunity,’’ Miller said. “It’s one thing to hear lessons from me and another to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.’’ The students saw firsthand how much effort goes into taping a one-hour production.

According to Hadad, Cooper was so moved by the bullying stories he covered within the last year that he envisioned the show as a call to action. Cooper teamed up media giants Facebook, Time Warner, and the Cartoon Network, which recently launched a campaign to prevent bullying, centered around a social media app that allows youngsters to publicly pledge to end bullying around them.

“This issue has become paramount to Anderson,’’ said Hadad. “Kids are suffering, kids are dying, and it doesn’t have to be this way. Anderson covers wars, people dying of malnutrition. But these kids are dying because they feel like they have no place to turn. He thinks that’s unacceptable.’’

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this show is on a Sunday when many good shows are broadcast on prime networks.
I will not be watching this as well as many others who might have watched, had it been on a different day OR had Mr.Cooper included ALL kinds of bullying.
But as with 360, Anderson has an agenda and the emphasis is on ONLY ONE TYPE OF BULLYING.
The other types just don't get that much play.
So until Anderson decides to encompass EVERY type of bullying, this subject matter will not get the attention it deserves.

bon said...

As a Parent who cares about her child and other children. I definitely plan on watching this show with my kids. I think all parents and kids need to be aware of what is going on and how it impacts other children and or adults. It has a very strong message about all types of bullying. Mr. Cooper I thank you for sending a strong message and getting involved. We all need to step up and follow your lead. :)

Tam Gorzalka said...

The Bullying Town Hall is meant to address the Minnessaota School District’s ‘Neutrality Policy’ on anti-gay bullying. The rest of their policies on bullying, I would assume, reflect the bullying policies of other districts. The Town Hall is meant to address not only bullying but the more disturbing fact that teachers and administrators are not supposed to get involved if it‘s deemed to be motivated by anti-gay bias, as presumably they would be if the child was being harassed for all the other reasons that one might be harassed.

Just saw some clips of Sunday’s show. Thank you Anderson for bringing these kids stories to light. Policy-makers should be ashamed of themselves for kowtowing to parents and pressure groups that don’t care about these children. How can you watch the stories of those four kids and not want to help them? They are so brave.

dana said...

Hi As a mom of a daughter who has been bullied for about 2 years now, I cried during your show. My daughter has been through much more than that and we had to move her out of the school district to keep her safe emotionally and physically. She was pusched into lockers, ate her lunch in the bathroom because no one would let her sit at the tables, had her picture taken with little clothes on at an over nite event and the school district did nothing or little about it. Please help me I need some group or guidance as to how to handle this. I am afraid for her life and shat she may do. Dana