Friday, October 07, 2011

Anderson Cooper Friday Flashback - Sloths & Sam the Snake

Anderson holding a sloth from today's Anderson's Pet Extravaganza show. Below is an article about how the sloth came to be on the program. Please click on link for full article.

Pet Safari Sloth Appears on Talk Show Today
A baby two-toed sloth makes its morning talk show debut with owner Larry Lipke on Anderson Cooper's new daytime talk show this morning.

"As it happens, Anderson Cooper loves sloths and when preparing for a show about pets, he mentioned to his staff that it would be really exciting to have someone on the show with a pet sloth. Consequently his producers began looking. They found [me] through previous news articles about the birth of his sloths," Lipke wrote in a news release dated Sept. 23.

But we know this isn't Anderson's first sloth "experience" -- flashback to Planet in Peril 2007~

Unfortunately, the sloth releasing with Jeff Corwin didn't go as planned ~

And Anderson later talked about the incident; from the Dispatches DVD ~

Also, in today's program, Anderson talks about his pet snake, Sam. We first heard Anderson talk about Sam on AC360 and his dad, Wyatt, wrote about Anderson and Sam in his book; Families ~

When he (Anderson) got his live snake for his sixth birthday (it's what he wanted), he let it curl around his fist and insisted that we set out to show it off around the neighborhood. We went to the barbershop, the stationery store, the coffee shop, the candy store, a men's shop, the florist, the bank - anywhere we were known - and we stopped to visit with every doorman who had a free moment. I'm afraid we even exhibited it to a few horrified strangers.

Anderson is a freckle-faced Huck Finn, fun-loving, witty, clever, quick, energetic, and inventive. He should live in the country, on a farm, with trees to climb, a river to play in, and all sorts of animals. He’s very much an outdoor boy. He passionately loves dogs, mice, rabbits, horses – anything that moves, and the wilder it is, the better. He sat one night watching, Sam, his beloved snake, curling around his hand, marveling that this wild creature actually belonged to him, and he asked it, with wonder in his voice, “Sam, is dis all a dream?”

For more on Anderson and snakes, please click here.

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Anonymous said...

Loved the show, but then I love animals. Anderson trying dog toothpaste was totally a shock. As for the doggy moms they are totally off the spectrum. I love my pets but they are really out there.

I thought it was funny when someone mentioned the fact that Molly eats the same thing everyday, well so does her master, so they are meant to be together.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping to catch a glimpse of
Molly, since I decided not to watch the full show.
I did see the sloth clinging to AC and yes, I remember the incident from Planet in Peril.
Was rather underwhelmed though by the show.
The pig segment was cute.
Nothing else held my attention.

Tosca said...

I thought the show was a charming glimpse into the world of sloths. I actually watched the baby being born and am so pleased that he is a star. I wish all the animals at Pet Safari in Dunedin Florida could make their debut, they are all so cute and need forever homes. Tosca