Friday, October 07, 2011

Anderson - Pet Extravaganza

Anderson opened today's Pet Extravaganza show backstage at the puppy spa. In the following clip we also hear about Anderson's love? of snakes ~

In the following clip Molly makes her Anderson stage debut and Susie Essman (from Curb Your Enthusiasm) joins Anderson and Molly; Victoria Stillwell gives the two a lesson in how to brush a dog's teeth and hilarity ensues ~

In this next clip we meet a "shopping cart" dog, a pot belly pig that does tricks and pets that look like Anderson ~

In the following clip we meet "Doggie Moms" and all I can say is you have to watch to believe it ~

The next segment is about lost pets, one found and one still missing ~

A baby sloth! Need I say more? ~

And the program ended with a happy little girl getting a puppy ~

Anderson posted the following web extra of Anderson taking the baby sloth into the studio audience ~

And just because ~

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MichellenLomita said...

This was the first Anderson show I watched on TV; viewed only bits online from earlier shows. It was fun; think I'll wait for another light interesting hour where he's involved in some activity before I watch again. Loved the sloth and Anderson holding it; and Molly turning her back on those little dressed-up dogs. Like Anderson's manner on this show...just his relaxed self with no pretensions; he's a sweet guy. Don't know why he said he's afraid of snakes; he seemed happy to hold a big one on 360. I'd hoped not to see people telling their sad stories and crying, but thankfully that part didn't last long.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Today's episode of 'Anderson' was the best one since he had his mother on. Loved when Anderson tired Molly's toothpaste! Only he would do something the like. The look on his face was priceless. My favorite part was the sloth, its so cute! It seemed to really like Anderson too. Great episode of Anderson!

Anonymous said...

This was one of my favorite shows so far. I liked the one with his mom, but it was so sweet to see him with Molly.

Any chance we could get a cap of Anderson and Molly at the beginning when Molly licked him and AC kissed her? If not I understand

Thank you

Anonymous said...

I'm an animal lover and obviously everyone here related.
I honestly could not even finish viewing the clip of women who had dog fetishes.
Most talkshows are boring.
This segment was at least watchable, but not for long.
anderson seems likeable enough when he relaxes, but between the commercials which are numerous, if his show is renewed, he ought to try to avoid a station in the NY area that has sleeze before him.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11:35PM -Check out the Saturday post for the pictures you requested. Anderson kissed Molly pretty quickly -- I did the best I could.

Anderson seemed to finally relax a little more on this show, which I think made it easier to watch. Unfortunately it was taped before some of the more recent shows that aired, so the relaxing had more to do with the pets, than a learning curve.

Like NYC, Anderson needs to find a better station and time slot in Chicago, if he hopes to be renewed.


aries moon said...

It was great seeing Anderson playing with Molly--she's really well behaved and calm and apparently a bit of a doggie snob! She is adorable and Anderson clearly loves her to death. I also liked the shopping dog and seeing him (her?) with the owner giving each other high fives. Glad to see major dog lover Anderson giving some love to cats for a change--Willow was cute and like your typical cat, unimpressed with all the attention heaped on her. Fun show.

judy said...

Animals in general have a calming nature about them.
That is why many of them, cats in particular, are used in nursing homes.
Perhaps Molly should be on stage with Anderson more often.
This is the first show that I've given my full attention to because of the subject matter.
I thought Anderson was quite relaxed, but then I had nothing to compare it to.