Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Anderson: Second Chances

Today's program was about second chances and Anderson's guests were Paula Abdul; Morgan Freeman; and Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., winner of this year's America's Got Talent. Anderson opened the program explaining why he wanted to do the show and talking a bit about each of today's guests ~

First up was Paula. There was a video of Paula's career highlights, discussion of her time on American Idol, Simon Cowell and now The X-Factor. There was even a trip into the audience for questions and a chance for a long time fan to meet Paula. Here's a short clip of Anderson's interview with Paula that led to this ~

Anderson's reaction to hearing Paula telling him "you make me feel like I’m watching waves crash over candy-coated rocks...and dissipating"

Next we see a video of Morgan Freeman's career highlights before Morgan comes on stage to sit down with Anderson for a very interesting interview, including their past connection ~

After the break, Morgan was back to talk about his movie Dolphin Tale, currently in theaters ~

Last, but not least, after a video of his road to winning America's Got Talent, we meet Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. ~

After the break, Landau performs Frank Sinatra, I've Got You Under My Skin ~

Anderson enjoys listening to Landau sing and after the last break, thanks his guests for coming and closes today's show.

For additional clips from today's program, please click on the andersoncooper.com hotlink below.

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ACAnderFan said...

The only good part of today's 'Anderson' was AC's interview with Morgan Freeman. I liked seeing the dolphin with the prosthetic tail, it was cute.

Dorothy said...

Just read that Anderson's ratings for CNN for the month of September are up and that the daytime show is up 50% in the 25-54 age range in the major markets of Chicago, LA, NY and SF and is looking promising.

Really enjoyed the interview with Morgan Freeman and now I want to go and see the movie. Didn't realize it was a true story.

Landau's life is about to change big time - if not already!

Paula - just can't figure her out.

Anonymous said...

Anderson was on the floor because of Paula Abdul?
Please tell me this isn't so?
And here I thought I was seeing one crazy person, the one in the chair with the ponytail.
No wonder AC's on PIX 11.

Anonymous said...


Good news on the ratings. I hadn't read that. What's the source?

-- Jenn

Teresa said...

Wonderful interview with Landau! I just wish it had been a little longer. Loved watching him sing...I never get tired of it. A star is born!! Thank you for having Landau on your show.

Suzanne M. Pratt said...

I really enjoyed the part with Morgan Freeman. He is one of my favorite actors. He can play any kind of character it seems from comedy to extremely serious; even villians. Takes quite an actor to do that range.

I liked Paula Abdul too - Anderson certainly gushed over her. And that falling on the floor was a little over the top. I hadn't known about Paula mentoring actors and actresses and singers before she got into the business herself. I'm glad she is back with Simon Cowell. They are really funny together.

Dorothy said...

@Jenn - it was in an article out of New York. It has quite a bit of statistics in it, however, I'm not sure you can post links here?

aries moon said...

I'm not a huge Paula Abdul fan, but I enjoyed the interview--she seems fairly smart beneath all that flaky stuff. I've loved Morgan Freeman since Shawshank Redemption so it was great to see him talking to AC--he's a wonderful actor and an intelligent, self-assured and witty man. I wasn't familiar with Landau Murphy, but I loved his story and song.

Anonymous said...

I can't see how anyone with any intelligence can watch this daytime show.
Even if you adore the host, the pacing is slow, the commercials are abundant, and the content is awful.
And yes, there are one or two intelligent people here who are watching his show.

Anonymous said...

@Dorothy: It is quite possible that what you read was a CNN press release that's connected to Time Warner.
Time Warner distributes Anderson.
Anything connected with CNN is often publicity for both CNN and AC's daytime programming and is therefore questionable.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed Landau Murphy Murphy Jr....excellent singer and seems to be a great person. I am not a Paula Abdul fan at all. Morgan Freeman is a great actor. I listened to Landau sing, "I've got you under my skin." Enjoyed it much. Talented young guy. Hope he has a great career.

Anonymous said...

I really liked Landue and glad that AC posted his interview with him. Thanks for listening to his fans.