Thursday, October 06, 2011

Anderson: Taking Back Your Life From An Abusive Spouse

Anderson opened today's program backstage making final preparations and then stepped on stage and then stepped on stage to talk about the topic of abusive relationships. In a voice over video he introduced us to his first guest Connie Culp ~

Connie and her twin sister, Bonnie Oberlin, joined Anderson on stage to discuss Connie's story further. She' had over 30 surgeries on her face. We learn that for the first three years he was in prison, Connie talked to her husband everyday and they only recently divorced. Bonnie claims that it's only recently that Bonnie has realized she was in an abusive relationship. Anderson told her "a relationship is not bobbing and weaving."

After a break, Dr. Jill Murray, joined in from the audience and brought up the topic of 'Nostalgia Amnesia' - where we remember the good times and forget the bad. It was then time for a couple of questions from the audience.

Anderson's next guest was Tanya Williams, the former wife of NBA superstar Jason Williams. Tanya explained the details of her abusive relationship with Jason and they are now divorced. She spoke of being scared of him, about sleeping with a knife under her bed, being scared for her children and the role alcohol played. There was more advice from Dr. Murray and questions from the audience.

The show ended with Dr. Jill Murray sharing a bit of expert advice and Anderson thanking his guests and giving the number for the Center for Domestic Abuse Hotline ~

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Anonymous said...

Oh, good news for daytime viewers!!
Anderson may in fact be saved.
According to this week's TV Guide, his show has gained some traction, but still coming up from the rear.
It seems everyone wants to be Ryan Seacrest and build an empire and everyone and his Grandma, who can speak, aspires to becoming a talkhost and create their very own conglomerate.
Both Ryan Seacrest and Carson Daily have hit the jackpot and folks like Anderson want to be "just like them."
Even his friend Kelly Ripa multi-tasks and gets "muchos dineros."
So yes, Anderson has indeed found a home, at least for a while on Fox affiliates or at least until Fox decides what to do with him.

ACAnderFan said...

Today's episode of 'Anderson' was OK. I think they need some different subjects instead of the same thing you see on most talk shows.

Dorothy said...

Glad to read that the show is building traction. I have started to read a lot of articles saying it is starting to pick up the pace.

I started watching the show because I'm a huge Anderson fan, however, I really think I have learned new things I didn't know on each subject covered.

Today's show on abuse was extremely interesting. I find it hard to understand how women stay in relationships that are abusive and wonder how many learn the lesson on their next relationship. I got the impression the lady that was shot in the face could be roped back in my her ex without a lot of coaxing. I hope I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 6:22 - can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not. I've never liked Ryan Seacrest. Carson Daly? Haven't heard anyone talk about Daly in years. Does he still have a show?

Don't really care what Fox does. Around here "Anderson" is on the CBS affiliate.