Saturday, October 01, 2011

Saturday 10/1/11 Bits & Pieces

This is a mish mash of the week's leftovers. Stuff that we saved thinking more information would come along or stuff that just didn't neatly fit into our posts for the week. posted pictures of Anderson arriving at the CNN studios this week and posing for pictures with fans.

On Tuesday PaperMag held their 7th annual nightlife awards at the Hiro Ballroom in NYC. Wendy Williams emceed and Mary J. Blige provided the entertainment. JustJared posted pictures of Anderson, who was a late arrival.

On Thursday the celebrity riders for Mardi Gras’ Main Event, the Krewe of Endymion Parade & Extravaganza, were announced. Maroon 5 will lead as Grand Marshals while Big & Rich, Gretchen Wilson and Anderson Cooper will ride as special guests. The party will kick off on Saturday, Feb. 18.

From Katz Media's Bill Carroll notes that the Anderson Cooper talker is performing poorly in big cities, averaging only a 2 percent share in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago (where it is on relatively weak stations). But stations he surveyed are showing patience with the newsman turned lifestyle host. Says Carroll, "They know it will take time for him to find his voice and the right balance between what he is known for and what he is hoping to bring to the audience."

Rush Limbaugh had some observations about our Anderson Cooper and his current schedule:

Next week on ANDERSON:

Monday, Oct. 3
When Teen Bullying Doesn’t “Get Better”: The Deadly Consequences
Anderson spends the hour shedding light on the alarming number of young people committing suicide as a result of bullying. In a daytime exclusive, Anderson speaks with Tracy and Timothy Rodemeyer, the parents of 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer, who took his own life only weeks ago after constant bullying became too much for him to bear. Plus, information on what parents and the community can do to prevent bullying and how you can detect if something is going on with your child.

Tuesday, Oct. 4
Second Chances with Paula Abdul, Morgan Freeman & AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Winner
Anderson speaks with Paula Abdul and Morgan Freeman about persevering in Hollywood after suffering several setbacks. Plus, the remarkable story and performance by AMERICA’S GOT TALENT winner Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.

Wednesday, Oct. 5
How Much Would You Pay for a Baby? Black Market Babies
Anderson explores the recently uncovered black market baby ring operated in the United States. For years ruthless lawyers have been creating parentless embryos in labs overseas and then selling the babies for hundreds of thousands of dollars to women in America desperate for children.

Thursday, Oct. 6
Taking Back Your Life From An Abusive Spouse
Anderson spends the hour talking to women who are standing up and taking their lives back after being abused by their loved ones. Anderson talks with the first U.S. face transplant recipient Connie Culp, who was shot in the face with a shot gun by her husband of 25 years after he flew into a jealous rage. Tanya Williams, estranged wife of former NBA star Jayson Williams speaks about the abuse she lived with and covered up for years.

Friday, Oct. 7
Pet Extravaganza
It’s Anderson’s Pet Extravaganza, a whole show devoted to pets and their owners who love and obsess over them! From dogs to cats, sloths and even pot-bellied pigs, there is something for everyone during the hour! Anderson is joined by his dog, Molly, a Welsh springer spaniel, and special guest CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM star Susie Essman with her Shih Tzu, Sumo. Anderson also meets the infamous Willow the cat, who made a cross country trek from Colorado to Manhattan over five years ago, and reunites her with her family in Colorado for the first time.

AC360 Transcript

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Claire said...

ATA group: Thank you for next week's schedule.

I'll DVR Friday's show, that's it for me next week. Not saying the other days are bad topics, just not something I want to devote an hour to watch.

I realize when I say these seem like daytime TV topics that this is indeed a daytime talk show, but I want more from Anderson. I'm still hoping for better.

Anonymous said...

@Claire - I agree on the talk show topics. I think the long time fans that follow Anderson are more news oriented and not fans of daytime. I know that's me. I'm trying to give him a chance, but like you, had hoped he would elevate the daytime talkers, not emulate them.

Rush Limbaugh? Really? Who takes anything this man says seriously? He's obviously pulling lies out of his hind end (to keep it clean). A quick Google of Page Six, prove this is all lies. The man obviously likes to hear himself talk and really doesn't care about what he says. The sad thing about our society, is that he's getting paid millions to do it.

Really enjoyed 360 last night! Anderson is really good with breaking news.

Anonymous said...

Add me to the list of people who are not into the regular daytime talk show topics. Show me something I haven't seen before or show me something I have but do it in a different way and I'll watch. I would love to know what is happening with Fisher House or with our Veterans. It doesn't have to be newsie, newsie, just something new. I will however, watch Friday's show.

Anonymous said...

I too agree with Claire.
We saw AC as a another younger version of Charlie Rose, someone who should elevate the discussion.
Others say, "Let him have fun."
Hey, we're the viewers.
Who's stopping him from having fun.
He has the money to have all the fun he wants, but don't look to the
viewers for it!
And I really dislike Rush Limbaugh but yes, AC is out and about all the time.
Our ex-newsman seems to have "ditched the news," and no the NEWS viewers don't like it.
Friday's show is the only one worth a watch, but I can't take a full hour. Ellen is the real animal lover!
His critics have the patience of a saint. All have been more than fair about his daytime show and his ratings slide.

Anonymous said...

Whether you watched Oprah regularly or you didn't, she had a way of "engaging the at home viewer."
The audience was crazy about her, but even with her, she had to enhance each and every show, with little "try me gifts."
Each audience and each show was to be different from the next.
And somehow she knew that the people who come to see her, are different than those that want to be entertained at home.
She not only knew her deomographics, she knew the demographics of those who watched at home. There is a distinct difference.
Groupies show up for repeat performances.
The at home viewer is a bit trickier to engage.
And Dr Phil and Oz were both personally endorsed by Oprah. She made it her business to "promote other people."
If Anderson really wanted to connect with those at home, he'd take live calls from those watching, not pre-taped videos, or tweets, that an assitant has read and forwarded to him.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Anderson just fouled up, the show that is. The producers asked a teen to video tape what he does day to day and the boy tried to film himself skateboarding, fell and is in a coma. The show has confirmed this - the Hollywood Reporter has it posted 2day.

on the westcoast said...

@Judy- it's quite unfair to say Anderson has "ditched the news" when he spent a good portion of last night's 360 on the breaking story of the killing of the American born terrorist in Yemen, and has been doing every night of 360 since he started the daytime show. I think the show on Monday will be good and is very topical - bullying and suicide is not a fluffy topic. Most of the daytime shows don't really touch that subject in the way that Anderson does, and I personally think it helps a lot of people who are struggling with either or both of those issues. It seems to me that you and a lot of the other anon posters can't wait for Anderson to fail at this show, and I just think that is sad. I have enjoyed watching both his daytime shows and 360, and think he is doing a good job at both. His daytime show is on in 4 different time slots in my area, on 3 different networks, so I don't think things are as bad as some of you want to believe. I don't get why you think he can only be a news guy, or that you can't take him seriously as a journalist because you have seen him laugh and be silly....It's not that he has changed, he has always had this type of personality, but is now choosing to share more of it with the public than before! Maybe he decided he wanted to lighten things up in his life, and maybe he decided he doesn't want to travel as much right now.... maybe he wants to spend more time in New York and spend time with his mom who is 87...maybe he decided after 20 years of running to disaster after disaster and war zone after war zone that he needed to have a break from all that horror and saddness and now wants to spend a little time having a good time. If you don't want to watch, then don't!
And as for Rush Limbaugh....I really don't understand how that idiot has any kind of a following at all! The reason that Anderson is being mentioned wherever he shows up is because of the PR campaign to promote the new show, not because he is slacking off at CNN....Rush really is a giant pimple on the rear end of American society!

Anonymous said...

8:48PM That is all speculation on your part.
Most of us like to deal in facts.
If print media says his ratings dayside are poor in major markets, then they are poor.
NY, LA, and Chicago are the three markets that matter most.
That is just the way it is.

Anonymous said...

It's a pretty safe bet that AC is taking the wrong road to Enquiring Minds Want To Know.
Should have stayed with regular News. It was safer.
How many years was Oprah on and no law suits?
Oh yes the one about the meat industry and she won.
Even Ellen knows how to stay out of trouble.
You're not flying under the radar anymore and we're supposed to believe this is all in the name of promotion. Duh!

Anonymous said...

Something tells me His credibility is going to take a hike.
Maybe not with CNN but I bet 60 Minutes will let him go and fast.
Cooper is just not the same anymore and they don't need his partying and bad publicity.
He's become a publicity hound!

on the west coast said...

@10:24pm- yes, that is speculation on my part.... I thought my multiple use of the word maybe implied that is was speculation! If you choose to believe gossip sites such as The Hollywood Reporter (which was the source of the quote on this blog) as your print media, then so be it. I was only trying to point out that here on the west coast, things were not as bad as they were reporting. Anderson's daytime show seems to be doing fairly well in this market, and is being widely shown on multiple networks in multiple timeslots (some of them are even Oprah's old time slot!) So I guess things are different here on the laid back west coast.

Anonymous said...

10:24 The print media has also said in those three major markets he is on poorly watched networks and has weak lead ins. It has said his ratings have been improving. That is fact.

Anderson himself enjoys daytime shows as they are and has always chatted about them and clearly watched them. His time outside of 360 is his own to do what he wants with, and he wants to participate in daytime television. If you don't enjoy daytime talk type shows then leave the talk show to people who do enjoy that kind of thing, watch the news and don't spend your time complaining on and on about what could have been if Anderson wasn't who he is or was controlled by you instead of having free will.

Anderson is not out and about all the time. He is seen eating food, exercising, going to and from work, and occasionally at an event. That is part of a healthy life, and I am glad he is able to fit that in between his heavy work schedule. Rush is well established to be a huge liar.

Anonymous said...

1:03 - News shows and Charlie Rose do celebrity interviews. They cover stories about abused spouses. They cover black market operations, be it drugs or baby selling. They cover bullying, though not as much as they should. Anderson just covers it at greater length on his program and from a more human angle.

Ellen famously had huge drama and fall out from the Iggy the dog saga, and she was personally embroiled in that. Anderson wasn't personally embroiled in the incident with this teenager, it was one of his producers and we do not yet know the details to be able to say what all exactly the producer said to the boy and his family before the accident and whether there is likely to be any legal liability. It is a sad tragedy and it is unfortunate people like you are crowing with glee over it and using it as ammunition in your constant pointless taunting and complaining.

Anonymous said...

I CAN'T STAND Rush Limbaugh. He is a nightmare, a horrid, horrid man, so of course he'd criticize someone as honorable as Anderson. Just because HE can't walk and chew gum at the same time.

aries moon said...

@on the west coast & anons 4:26, 4:44 and 10:00, thanks for your comments, ITA.

Anonymous said...

@1:15am- "they don't need his partying ways...", he was "partying" at a charity event for a The Robinhood Foundation. It's a foundation that fights poverty in inner cities. So now you think he can't even attend charity events?? Most of the other mentions in the press (especially the ones that lunatic Rush was rambling about) were about where Anderson was eating. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but Anderson does eat, everyday! He doesn't like to cook, so he eats out or picks up food to eat. People see him and that is how it is mentioned in the press.

Anonymous said...

I can't speak to other markets and haven't seen many actual ratings numbers. Percentages are often misleading unless you know the base number.

In the Chicago market 'Anderson' in on Fox and it's not a major network in Chicago. Oprah was replaced by a new Chicago talk show called "Windy City Live" - so no syndicated talk show got Oprah's spot in Chicago. Anderson's lead in, in Chicago is the new "Jeremy Kyle Show" and he's on at 2pm local time then he's followed by Dr. Oz at 3pm and 4pm -- Anderson's program is replayed the following morning at 11am. I do know that in Chicago he replaced Judge Joe Brown who was in the top 25 syndicated shows the week prior to Anderson taking over. (I never watched his program or anything else on FOX in the daytime prior to Anderson.) I have been watching Anderson and I'm giving him a chance to find his legs -- it's a new show. But his numbers aren't anywhere close to the top 25, so the article saying his ratings are weak in Chicago and he's on a weak station in Chicago are true. Dr. Oz seems to be doing well on Fox in Chicago - but he's about the only one, from what I've seen.

-- Jenn

Dorothy said...

@westcoast, anon4:26 and 4:44 - thank you! What a breath of fresh air here - you give me hope to keep reading here - thank you. Maybe more and more will start speaking up. I get so amazed at the fact that so many take such joy and pleasure anywhere they can to put this guy and any project he touches down. I'm also on the West Coast and he seems to be doing fine here. He has been in the business a long time and that has to say something. I personally enjoy the shows he does and always will give a person credit for attempting new things. You don't always have to be the "top winner", but it sure scores high with me to give things in life a try. Better than sitting and complaining and doing and accomplishing nothing! I'm sure that everyone that has attempted a talk show had bumps along the way and discussed subjects that the population of the world didn't all like.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you five people are welcome to watch in San Diego!
Watch all day, all night.
Be my guest.
Ratings are ratings people and a whole lot of fact is in the Hollywood reporter oh and did I mention People and USA Today????
Hope you have your DVR's going to tape the shows for later on.
And Katie hasn't even entered the scene.

Claire said...

I think Katie Couric and Diane Sawyer are two of the best in the business right now. It will be interesting to see how Katie's show goes.