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Monday, Oct. 10
Black Market Babies’ Scandal
Anderson explores the recently uncovered black market baby ring that has been operating for years in the United States. Run by ruthless lawyers, parentless embryos are created in labs overseas and then sold as babies for hundreds of thousands of dollars to women in America desperate for children.

Tuesday, Oct. 11
Carre Otis

Anderson spends the hour with former Supermodel Carre Otis, who discusses her new memoir, Beauty, Disrupted. The book details the not so glamorous side of her life, including an eating disorder, alleged exploitation, drugs and even abuse.

Wednesday, Oct. 12
Undercover Investigations…Psychics

Anderson launches his own hidden camera investigation into the world of psychics. An approximately $2 billion industry, Anderson takes a look at how the psychics lure in and prey upon unsuspecting customers, specifically single professional women.

Thursday, Oct. 13
Whom Did I Marry?

How well do you know the person you love? Anderson speaks with several women who discovered their husbands were leading unbelievable secret lives. Anderson provides tips from an FBI trained intelligence deception expert to help you discover if the person in your life is lying to you.

Friday, Oct. 14
Big Family Adoption & Dani’s Story

Anderson spends the hour discussing the power of love and speaks with several families who have tremendously impacted multiple children’s lives by becoming foster parents. Anderson also meets Dani, a feral child who grew up in isolation, and the loving family who took her in and changed her life.

Some readers have mentioned the following article from TV Guide in comments. For your reading pleasure ~

A a few articles about ANDERSON'S ratings for week two ~

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AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

Although this increase appears to be good, it is not enough for Anderson to get on a prime network in the NY area.
ABC will stay with Katie Couric.
Most prime networks want at best 2
million viewers dayside.
Rachel Ray is low with l.5 and so is Ellen with only 2.3 million.
Oprah in her heyday had almost 5 million viewers dayside.
Numbers have decreased, not increased.
Anderson's biggest challenge will come when Couric is given her spot next fall.
If he's still on PIX 11, it is not a strong station.

Anonymous said...

The content is poor this week.
Nothing of interest on Anderson.
If HE wants to keep viewers entertained, he must come up with better subject matter.
Than again, some viewers will watch anything.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to thank you for posting so many clips of Anderson's talk show. I don't tivo, so this is the only way I can catch it. I think the show is hitting a groove and I really enjoyed the 'pet extravaganza'.

Thanks also for posting the pics of Anderson and Molly.<3

Anonymous said...

The Jeremey Kyle Show?
Who in the world is Jeremey Kyle and why would anyone be interested in watching him?
Today if you live and breath and are on television, you can have a talk show and people will watch.
Some people just keep the set on for background noise.
Ask them what they saw, haven't a clue.

Dorothy said...

Why is Katie Couric such a challenge? Didn't she have very low ratings on the evening news and thus was replaced or left for that reason?

judy said...

News is one thing.
Gossip is another and she's like Diane Sawyer.
Disney has been after her every since proved to us all that Palin was as stupid as she seemed.
No one else did that.
Right now Disney prefers recapping the news on ch7(ABC)mOprah's time slot in NY at 4PM.
That will become Katie's hour no doubt, and she'll be up against Judge Judy, the top syndicated show.
Disney has always had a nose for talent and it will be interesting to see who'll get the honor of replacing Regis.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy Kyle is British and has a new syndicated talk show this year. He's Anderson's lead in, in the Chicago market.

Think of Jerry Springer/Maury with a British accent. I've caught a few minutes of the show a couple of times when I've turned on FoxChicago to watch "Anderson" -- not a good lead in and not a good station in Chicago.

I think Katie will be a challenge. Her program is being developed by ABC/Disney and while she struggled some in the anchor chair, she did well on the Today Show and GMA, so she has talk show type experience. She has the news chops and 60 Minutes experience that Anderson has and watching her as a talk show guest, she seems much more relaxed and open than Anderson.

Don't get me wrong, I admire Anderson as a journalist. But I have just been disappointed in many of the episodes of his talk show. I'm giving him time to find his groove, but I do think Katie will be a tough competitor. She's guest co-hosting Regis & Kelly one day this week, and I'll be curious to watch and see how she does.