Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Series 10/23/11

Regis and Kelly December 12, 2008 has some very interesting conversation in the host chat. Anderson talks about Bernie Madoff as the scandal was about to break into the story of the year, how to invest your money, mattresses, dogs sleeping in bed, shih tzus, fast food restaurants, racing Michael Phelips and AC's choice of swim wear.



Michael Phelips

Debra Messing talks about her crush on Cooper

Regis & Kelly's Inbox:

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast


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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I liked Anderson's choice of swimwear for swimming with Michael Phelps..LOL! I didn't think it was that bad.

I hope by now Anderson has a new mattress!

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Opps forgot to mention that the Inbox part is always the funniest part of the show. Its too bad that we don't get to see Anderson co-host R&K anymore, I always like when he was on.

Claire said...

I agree, AnderFan. About not seeing Kelly and Anderson together anymore. I know the timing didn't work, with Regis's retirement, and maybe it's not something Anderson would even like to do, but being co-host with Kelly is something that could have given him the ability to show his 'lighter' side, join an established show, and keep more time to devote to 360. He always seemed to enjoy being on with Kelly and he seemed real when he did. I would have been a regular viewer. I always watched when he co-hosted.

As with others, I've noticed some inconsistencies with Anderson on the new show. Weekending with Kathy Griffin is not a part of Anderson's real life. If he wanted to share, he should have shared what a weekend would really be like with him. Also food likes/dislikes. A few inconsistencies there also. He tweeted one day on how he had the spinach/artichoke dip at Olive Garden and said it was amazing. Which it is. Then on the show he supposedly tried spinach for the first time and almost gags. Others, too, but you get the drift.

Phebe said...

@Claire, We are working on a post that points out a few more inconsistencies. Check back, it should be posted tomorrow.

@everyone, I caught up this week’s episodes of the talk show last night and I'm amazed at how terrible the Toddlers & Tiara show was. To allow that that horrible, mouthy mother to bully everyone that had an opinion contrary to hers was reprehensible. I realize that show was one of the first that Anderson taped and hopefully he learned a little bit from it on how to handle rude guests. The only thing remotely interesting about that episode was Ms. Gloria giving those moms an eloquent bitch slap at the end of the program. Love that AC gave her the last word.

The best show of the week, IMO, was the show on the family of little people and the boy who had lost his leg to cancer. It was full of content and information and did not seem to have the boat load of fillers that a lot of the other shows have had. I have a feeling that the talk show is a work in progress and hopefully they’ll figure out pretty quickly what works and what doesn’t. For me it’s still not ‘must see TV’ like it was when he hosted Live with Regis and Kelly.

Anonymous said...

@Claire: I don't think Anderson will ever tell us what his weekends are really like as that would delve into that part of his personal life that he does not discuss.

Claire said...

@Phebe, I'll be watching for that post.

@anon, My point exactly.

judy said...

If Anderson doesn't want to share he shouldn't be a talk show host.
And if they haven't figured out how, by now, they never will.
While I did not see the toddlers and tiaras show, with the out of control mother, 'control' seems to be something that Anderson has problems with.
I watched his entire debate this past week and the word moderator, was questionable.
Both Perry and Romney needed to be put in their place and Anderson acted as though this was the first debate he ever moderated.
He did not control that debate, it controlled itself so the candidates did what kids do and tore into one another.
I wonder IF he 'controls' his producers during the daytime and if so, to what extent?

Anonymous said...

I thought Anderson did great during the debate. Let us see the canidates for what they are.

Anonymous said...

10:04PM: Ron Paul would not agree with you.

Anonymous said...

Just to be fair about the spinach and artichoke dip and eating just spinach alone..... I love the dip at at Olive Garden but cannot eat spinach by itself! To me, it's like eating two totally differnt foods... With the dip, the spinach is literally drenched and drowned out by the artichokes and other flavors that it really doesn't seem like eating spinach at all! It would hardly count as eating a vegetable! But there have been other inconsistencies here and there that have been a little odd. But I give him a pass on the spinach one!