Monday, October 03, 2011

The Today Show's Segment on 'ANDERSON'

From Monday morning's The Today Show, on NBC:

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Anonymous said...

WOW! This is just beyond bizarre! Why should Anderson or his producers be responsible for what some stupid ass does to get on TV???? If I tell you to jump in front of a fast-moving train, will you do it?? People are responsible for their own actions. Quit blaming your stupidity on everybody else!!!

Nobody forced that kid to film himself doing risky stunts which he apparently did all the time anyway. And where were his friends and parents? Was there nobody else to film him?

Well, I just hope that this will result in "Anderson" not doing any more shows on extreme behavior of any kind. This subject does absolutely nothing for me.


Anonymous said...

I'm not really interested in extreme behavior topics myself, but injury can happen as a consequence of any activity. If they did a show about tame old house cleaning someone could get possibly get hurt creating a video by falling off a stool or step ladder and cracking their head or slipping on a newly waxed floor and hitting their head. Accidents happen.

Anonymous said...

The operative word here is: ENCOURAGED, and yes, from what I'm hearing, the show indeed encouraged teens to do crazy things.
Having said that, Nancy Grace was found not guilty.
But there WILL be a lawsuit filed to be sure and just because someone sues, does not mean they win. It means AC must open his checkbook.
Maybe Anderson should rethink some of his priorities and topics on his talk show. Ya think??
Like say, the protesting going on, on Wall Street. There's plenty of young people demonstrating for the "good of all," not silliness.
(Hopefully, this teen will not die.)

Anonymous said...

Accident happen?
Yes, all the time. Car accidents and most of them lead TO LAWSUITS,
especially if there is physical injury.
Someone on Anderson needs to get axed, but I thought all these wonderful producers were so experienced???
And since Anderson is Executive Producer, he must have signed off on this little episode, right?
Something tells me it was safer in say, Bagdad.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Moni. People are responsible for their own actions and that includes Executive Producer, Anderson.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 7:22 I like your idea, why not do a show about the kids who ARE making a difference, that I would love to see. Then again it's about ratings, not goodwill.

I read one comment about the accident from another parent who said that their family was suppose to be on the show. However, when her so read the questionnaire from the producers he found the questions too invasive and they bowed out, smart kid.

Anonymous said...

My only question is-where were this child's parents? As a minor, he couldn't have agreed participate on his own without parental consent, right? So I'm assuming they had to be on board with the project to some degree. And if the kid regularly skated sans helmet, shouldn't they have known?

It's a tragic situation all around-I don't imagine Anderson or his producers anticipated something like this. I'm also offended that this situation somehow gets lumped with Nancy Grace's on air haranguing and the awful Jenny Jones incident-both of those situations showed a complete indifference to any consequences.

Anyway, here's hoping the kid will be okay, which is the most important thing.