Thursday, November 17, 2011

Anderson Cooper 360, Thursday, November 17, 2011

Breaking News - NEW ACCUSER IN PENN STATE SEX ABUSE SCANDAL, Lawyer for alleged victims speaks out: Report by Anderson Cooper and follow up with Susan Candiotti

Breaking News - NEW ACCUSER IN PENN STATE SEX ABUSE SCANDAL, "This is an institutional failure by many, over decades": Jason Carroll's interview with Jeff Anderson, Attorney for Alleged Victims and follow up with Anderson

Breaking News - NEW ACCUSER IN PENN STATE SEX ABUSE SCANDAL, Lawyer: New client accuses Sandusky of child rape, abuse: Anderson's interview Tom Mesereau

"OCCUPY WALL STREET" PROTESTERS ON THE MOVE, Thousands march in New York City: Anderson with Mary Snow who is on the scene

OCCUPY WALL STREET, VIOLENT CLASHES: Background report by Anderson Cooper which included Rep Peter King (R)NY statement on Bloomberg TV

TENSIONS FLARE AT OCCUPY WALL STREET PROTEST, Rep King: Protests are not civil disobedience: Anderson's follow up interview with Rep. King

OCCUPY WALL STREET, "MASS DAY OF ACTION" Thousands demonstrate in New York: Anderson's interview with Van Jones

360 BULLETIN: Susan Hendricks


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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

was ridiculous. I cannot believe they had Michael Jackson's former attorney on to discuss similarities between the Michael Jackson child molestation case and the Sandusky one. 360 has hit an all time low with this. They really need to move on from this Penn State sex scandal, and stop devoting so much time to it.

Anonymous said...

Given the big Occupy Wall Street news I was surprised 360 still started with the Penn State scandal; that news wasn't really "breaking" as the screen banner implied. As usual, I checked in sporadically in the first half hour.

Finally Anderson got to the OWS news and it was pretty good coverage except for Rep. King's fixation on the protesters "feces and urine" (he mentioned it about four times). Fortunately, Anderson also talked to Van Jones to get the other side.

While it was great seeing Anderson have a good look at OWS, there was still too much on Penn State and nothing (except a sentence or two in the Bulletin) on other news. Even Olbermann who's been fixated on OWS, had a variety of news topics in his show.

Where's Isha and will she be coming back?


Anonymous said...

Why do I get the feeling that all this is just laziness on 360's part.
Easier to keep pressing the Sandusky issue because Anderson, as some commenters have noted, has tunnel vision on certain issues, than to actually go out in the street like he used to, an interview the demonstrators.
Those demonstrators that he seems to be so dismissive about, are the very people he'd like to have as part of his audience, either on 360
or for his afternoon talkfest.
It is quite apparent that he is no longer for the 'underdog.'
Also glad to see that AC made the attempt to speak to Van Jones, who has taken it upon himself to articulate the meaning of the movement of OWS.
Love the OWS slogan or chant!

aries moon said...

If Anderson really wants to know what the OWS protestors concerns and goals are, he should go down there and talk to them directly--they are smart, articulate people. I have an idea why AC hasn't shown much interest in talking to them himself, but what's strange is that the correspondents on 360 don't seem to talk to the protestors either--they just do a general report that doesn't provide much insight into the movement itself--it's not always chaotic and volatile at OWS, there are opportunities to speak with the protestors. Anderson seems more open to reporting foreign uprisings and conflict and he appears to take a dim and cynical view of OWS. To be fair, I don't recall him ever reporting from any Tea Party rallies either, but he did seem to be more sympathetic and interested in that movement at the time, IMO. OWS is happening right in his backyard and the reporting of it on 360 has been sporadic at best. I did enjoy hearing Van Jones' take on what OWS is all about and I agree with him that they are heroes.

Anonymous said...

@1:25 a.m.-- I'm beginning to think that Anderson is more about money, power, and fame, than about caring for the 'underdog'. He seems more dismissive of people and not as engaged as he once was.
So I wonder--are we seeing a journalist who dabbles in an afternoon talk show, or a talk show host who is dabbling in journalism? I used to think of him as a journalist, but I'm not so sure lately.

Anonymous said...

Aries Moon I was thinking the same thing- why doesn't Anderson go down to WS and talk to the protesters, it would make a great segment, heck even a great special. How about doing something about the movement on his daytime show - Donahue would have. Oh wait the afternoon viewer is only interested in saving money by couponing and how not to eat spinach - NOT. Some of us who tune into his gabfest are interested in OWS and it would make great conversation.

aries moon said...

@anon 1:13, OWS would qualify as one of those current "social issue" topics that AC said he'd make a part of the show, but considering how long it took him to finally get around to covering it on 360, I'm not sure that he'd be up for doing it on the daytime show, we'll see.

judy said...

@aries moon & anons:
AC's producers, of which he is the executive, keep speaking about "soccer moms."
Where are they?
Soccer Moms don't exist anymore.
Most Moms I know have to work and don't sit around during the afternoon watching daytime TV.
So I fully agree with all of you.
The journalist AC would have been in the streets asking questions.
The day host, sorry, is now anchoring 360.