Thursday, December 15, 2011

Anderson Cooper 360 December 15, 2011

KEEPING THEM HONEST, SHERIFF JOE: Anderson Cooper reporting
Follow Up Interview: Thomas Perez, Assistant U.S. Attorney General
Legal Opinion: Jeffrey Toobin

CULTURE OF HAZING: Anderson Cooper and Jason Carroll reporting
Follow Up Discussion: Ricky L. Jones, Prof. Univ. of Louisville


SUNDUSKY'S ATTORNEY SHOWER THEORY: Cooper speaks with Karl Rominger
Legal Opinion: Mark Geragos and Jeffrey Toobin



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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I found it odd that 360 lead with the Joe Arpaio story. I don't think it was important enough to be the lead story.

judy said...

What part of the word illegal don't we get?
Sheriff Joe Arpaio is right.
Hopefully the voters in Phoenix and Maricopa County will support him the way they have in the past and he will win re-election in
If Congress had more Sheriff Joe's maybe they'd get something done.
He doesn't care if he's liked, he acts on principle and the basis of his actions go back to illegal immigration, which this Administration has done ZERO about.
He's to be admired and not apprehended and he knows the Justice Dept. is the same Justice Dept. that did ZERO, with all the Bankers and Traders on Wall Street.
So he's got nothing to worry about.
But as always it is good to see Jeffrey Toobin.
One of the few good things about 360 lately.

Phebe said...

@ACAnderFan, Brian Williams on NBC and Diane Sawyer on ABC opened with it on their nightly news broadcast tonight also.

@judy, Are you kidding me? You may have friends and visit AZ occasionally but you are sadly and total misinformed when it comes to Sherriff Joe. He is a bully and a bigot who has such tunnel vision when it comes to illegals that some citizens of this county are left without proper police protection. The local joke is if you want a quick response from the MCSD tell them you are being attacked by an illegal, not your spouse.
It is estimated he has cost the county over 50 MILLION DOLLARS in legal fees since first taking office in 1993 because of deaths and abuse of prisoners and for using his department to harass private citizens. The FBI is investigating him for intimidation of political opponents, the Dept. of Justice’s for Civil Rights violations and now the Attorney General is looking into his practices. He has filed bogus lawsuits against public officials who dare to question his decisions and thrown publishers of a local paper in jail because they investigated him.
We need to take a tough stand in this state on border issues but we have to respect the Constitution and the rights it gives us. Arpaio does not, he acts first and asks questions later…..or never.
Many of his cronies were voted out in the last election let us pray that he is the next to go.

aries moon said...

I hope at some point Arpaio's despicable behavior towards Latino sexual assault victims will be his undoing because it seems as though he can't be stopped any other way. A 22 page document from the DOJ won't do a thing. There is no way a person as hateful and bigoted as Arpaio should have as much power as he does. I also agree that Jeff Toobin's appearances on 360 are always a highlight--you can always depend on him to tell it like it is.

The piece on the war in Iraq ending was nicely done.