Friday, December 02, 2011

Anderson Cooper 360, Friday, December 2, 2011

SCHOOL REJECTS HONORS STUDENT WITH HIV, Pa school claims 13-year-old poses "direct threat: Anderson's interview with Connie McNamara, V.P. Communications, Milton Hershey School
Follow up panel: Jeff Toobin & Dr. Kimberly Manning, Emory University Medical Center

CAIN "REASSESSING" CAMPAIGN: Report by Anderson Cooper
ROMNEY'S WORST WEEK EVER? Bad news mounts as Gingrich surges: Anderson with J.C. Watts, Fmr. Oklahoma Republican Congressman & Rich Galen, Fmr. Gingrich Press Secretary & Communications Dir.

ACCUSED SERIAL KILLER, 21-year-old charged with four murders: Report by Gary Tuchman
ACCUSED SERIAL KILLER, Canadian community stunned by suspect's arrest: Anderson's follow up interview with Mary Ellen O'Toole, Former FBI Profiler

KEEPING THEM HONEST, SYRIA LIES: Report by Anderson Cooper & discussion with Zaidoun, Syrian Activist, by phone; on the latest news out of Syria



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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

The Hersey School is in the wrong. That's discrimination. Its just not right to not allow a kid to not go to school because he's HIV positive. I liked that Jeffery Toobin was on, I like hearing his take on things.

Anonymous said...

There are some topics that Anderson gets overly involved with and this HIV test case, is one of them.
The important question that was never asked was "How did this student become HIV positive?
Was it through a transfusion or was he born with this, or is he still sexually active?
There is a difference and I can understand the school's concern.
A private school is not a public school and therefore it is not obligated to admit everyone.
Anderson should know this because he attended ONLY private schools.
They can afford to be more discerning although this bad publicity does not help them.
If only Anderson found the same passion for other subjects such as the dip in unemployment, he might have more informative shows.

aries moon said...

The discussion about the HIV + student was a good one--Anderson was clearly disturbed by the school's decision to keep the student out. It will be interesting to see what the courts decide to do regarding this case--I think the school is overreacting. I agree with ACAnderFan--it's always good to see Jeff Toobin on 360.

Crime and Punishment segments are generally not my favorites, but the serial killer report was intriguing and disturbing.

Ed Schultz does get higher ratings than AC but it doesn't speak well of him that he has a fit over something so unimportant--made him sound insecure--AC's mockery of him was entertaining.

britaetae said...

Anonymous (Judy) -- it doesn't MATTER how he got HIV!! That's none of our business. Have you never made a mistake?? It takes 2 people to make the choice to have unprotected sex. Therefore, IF this student were to infect another student, it would be both of their faults. And, as Anderson pointed out, who's to say this kid would choose to have sex while enrolled at the school?? As an HIV counselor and advocate, it irritates me that the general public is so ignorant when it comes to topics such as HIV. People need to be proactive and LEARN about these issues before making judgments. Anderson, way to go in discussing a topic that people are still so uneducated about. Best of luck to the student.

Anonymous said...

Just because people don't agree with you, does not mean they are uninformed.
We are as informed as you are and as I pointed out, this is a private school, and it is also a test case and Anderson continually takes on anything that has to do with gay rights..
What about the rights of ALL people??
Isn't he discriminating to support only those who are gay?
What about other forms of discrimination? Where's HIS passion in that or was it ever there?

judy said...

I am in full agreement that AC should not have gone after Ed Shultz in the Ridculist.
Ed should not only be considered the competition, who most nites wins in the ratings, but a colleague and what Anderson did was not professional and unfunny.

aries moon said...

How is Anderson in the wrong for responding to Ed Schultz's ridiculous and paranoid theory about him conspiring with GQ to put Ed on the list of the least influential people? There was no logical reason whatsoever for Ed Schultz to have gone after AC in the first place no matter what his ratings are--it was completely senseless and IMO, totally unprofessional. AC was within his rights to respond back and he did it in a humorous and lighthearted way.

Bruce Lee Jr said...

I was a student at Milton Hershey for 5 years and I agree with their decision. It is their job to protect every other student that they have attending. A private school is a PRIVATE SCHOOL. Anderson Cooper only when to PRIVATE SCHOOLS so he should know not every can get it in for whatever reason. Everyone jumps on a bandwagon to voice a PC opinion but if their child was in that school, they would side with the school. Its one thing if this was racial, but its about the welfare of children. What parent would send their SICK child away to a school and only be able to see them on holidays. Are you serious? There is more to this story and its sad that most people don't realize it. Milton Hershey should not have to take responsibility for every sick child in the country. I had to go through a screening process and their were a lot of children that couldn't get in but they didn't sue. It's all about money. I am sure there are schools for children with HIV and I bet they didn't go to them first. Mr. Cooper, you make a living by trying to make headlines but this time you put your foot in your mouth. You are telling every student at Milton Hershey that safety is less important then the feeling of one child. Thousands don't matter but 1 does huh. lol Get a grip.

Anonymous said...

@ Bruce Lee Jr
Do you know ANYTHING about HIV? First off HIV does not mean you have to lay around being sick. People with HIV for the most part live their lives like anyone else. It's like saying if you have cancer go to a school that is meant for kids with cancer. (Should people with HIV go to gyms just for them, coffee shops? I guarantee in your everyday life, every now and then you run into someone with HIV and you can't even tell) Also the virus isn't passed along with a high 5. Stop acting like the whole school would catch it because the boy is just there.

I have no problem with people going on about how it's a private school and they can be selective, but I can not stand when someone goes around and pretty much tells me that this person is sub-human, and should not interact with normal kids.

I would be fine having my child go to school with this person. The key is give your child information! Educate them!!! Don't try and scare them or give them the impression that ppl with illness aren't as deserving as them.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bruce Lee how dare you say that if their child was in that school, they would side with the school, you may speak for yourself, but you sure as hell don't speak for me, nor do I want you to. We are allowed to give our opinion, but you seem to insinuate that IF we don't side with the school we are wrong, while I respect your opinion I ask that you respect the opinion of others.

judy said...

According to commenters on Huffpost, Anderson should have taken the high road and not have responded to ED Shultz at all.
It was AC who looked insecure about the comment IMHO.
Ed should not have made the comment, but AC shouldn't have responded as harshly and with such anger as he did and to say that he didn't even know "who ED was," is very hard to believe.
If he doesn't know who his competition IS, he's lying...and it is our job to keep "him" honest.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why is it that Anderson Cooper is liberal about one thing and one thing only, gay rights.
It is wrong for him to use his podium night after night for this one message.
If he wants to send a liberal message, he should embrace other liberal causes as well.

Anonymous said...

I think a huge issue that is being over looked is that those directly charged with his care will not be able to know about his HIV+ status. According to what I have read he and his mother would not be allowing his status to be divulged to his houseparents. In the interview Anderson basically said that the school was implying that children with HIV should not be allowed to live in homes with other children anywhere. The key difference here is that if I were taking a child with HIV to live in my personal home, I would know that he had HIV and would be able to care for him appropriately. I would also be able to teach my other children about his particular situation. This is not possible in the boarding school setting.

This is undoubtedly a horribly difficult decision to make and one that I am happy not to be charged with making. I do know that until you spend time at the school and live in that setting, most people can't understand what it is like.