Friday, December 30, 2011

Anderson Cooper 360, Friday, December 30, 2011

KEEPING THEM HONEST, Bearing Witness: Report by Anderson Cooper and video from an unnamed journalist who snuck into Syria

ARAB MONITORS EMBOLDEN PROTESTERS, At least 35 died today during protests: Anderson's telephone conversation with Abo Fares, Pol Rep, Revolutionary Council of Homs
HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS MARCH AGAINST ASSAD, Crackdown in Syria continues despite Arab monitors: Anderson's follow up discussion with Fouad Ajami

COUNTDOWN TO IOWA, Caucuses held on Tuesday: Anderson reports
GINGRICH'S EMOTIONAL MOMENT, Gets teary talking about his mother: Anderson and Political panel: Candy Crowley, Hilary Rosen & Cheri Jacobus

COUNTDOWN TO NEW YEAR'S EVE, Anderson and Kathy Griffin live in Times Square: Anderson and Kathy talk about NYE special

360 NEWS & BUSINESS BULLETIN: Susan Hendricks

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Anonymous said...

The reports from Syria all sounded the same as what we've heard the last few days: people protest, government cracks down, people get hurt. 360 even used some of the same video from yesterday.

The political segment was also pretty much the same: Republican candidates in Iowa. At least the discussion had a couple new faces.

I didn't need to see the segment promoting Anderson's and Kathy Griffin's NYE show. Just not interested. But I did notice before I changed the channel that Griffin appears to have had some work done. Her eyes are starting to look a little Joan-Rivers-esque.

The best part of the show was the Ridiculist about Gerard Depardieu. I honestly thought Anderson would have locked this one away, never to be seen again. The viewers have spoken and Anderson was a good sport about it.


judy said...

Well I'm glad for Jaanza's sake that
she got to see the Gerard Depardieu
repeat of the Ridiculist, again.
This viewer cared not to see Anderson making a fool out of himself, and if he was that humiliated about it, he would have locked it away.
But he seems to like to bring it back.
Which goes to show, even Anderson likes reality attention.
I do not intend to watch Kathy Griffin with AC.
If CNN were smart, they would have elected Isha as his co-host.
Everyone likes her, she doesn't offend, and deserves to be in the limelite instead of Griffin.
Isha is a class act. Which is more than anyone can say for KG.

Anonymous said...

Jaanza I am currently watching Good Morning America and their lead in story? Beyonce about to give birth - oh come on how is this news. And their breaking news - a missing monkey in San Francisco, give me a break.

How I long for the days of Cronkite, Jennings(I left him for CNN)when news was news and not a social media event.

I did like the fact Anderson said that CNN wanted to go to Syria, shows he still has some ambition left to report the news.


Anonymous said...

@Judy - yes, I enjoyed seeing the Depardieu Ridiculist again and giggled along with Anderson; it's the funniest Ridiculist. I really thought Anderson was embarrassed by it and we'd never see it again (on 360, it's on Youtube though).

Regarding Anderson looking foolish - he said to Letterman something about the debates and his credibility, he "didn't want to lose his credibility." The Departdieu Ridiculist just makes him appear all too human.

It's some of Anderson's daytime talk show topics that make him lose credibility with me. And I've never liked him with Kathy Griffin. She's just too crass and coarse for me, I've never liked her sense of humor and her voice is incredibly irritating.

Isha as NYE's co-host? She certainly has a great voice and her bantering with Anderson have been charming and often funny. But CNN is going to stick with Griffin, maybe she gets them the ratings they want, I don't know.

@Dee Dee - the last couple days have been slow news days but Beyonce's baby? I don't get it. Hopefully by Monday there will be better things to report. I just can't see Wolf Blitzer treating this as serious news.


judy said...

@Jaanza: I always respect your opinion and I think you're probably right.
Certainly about the topics on the daytime talk show.
This year I did not watch KG on CNN and I really didn't miss her.
Someone on ATC said that AC's day show was possibly renewed to find an audience on a more visable station here on the East Coast.
I think they're right.