Thursday, December 29, 2011

Anderson Cooper 360, Thursday, December 29th, 2011

KEEPING THEM HONEST, Iowa: Win At All Costs?: Report by Anderson Cooper
Political panel: Cornell Belcher, Candy Crowley & Rich Galen

POLICE LINK WEBSITE TO DETROIT MURDERS, Women posted escort ads on Report by Anderson Cooper
BACKPAGE.COM'S LEGAL QUESTIONS, Critics say ads are for prostitution & child sex trafficking: Anderson's interview with Ed McNally, Law enforcement adviser for
Follow up discussion: Anderson, Jeff Toobin & Rob McKenna, Attorney General Washington State

SYRIA: ON FRONT LINES, Military defectors battle security forces in Homes: Report by Anderson Cooper and video report from an unnamed journalist recently in Syria (name withheld because he recently snuck into Syria and hopes to return)
Follow up discussion: Anderson and Fouad Ajami


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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I'm sorry but that Backpage story was stupid. If you're going to post online that you are a prostitute then you take the chance of something bad happening to you. As for prostitution, its a 2 way street. Someone is willing to pay for sex and someone is willing to be paid for sex. And why can't Backpage just admit they allow prostitution postings on their website.

Anonymous said...

360 Thursday started out great with a discussion on the ever-changing poll numbers for the Republican candidates by Crowley, Galen and Belcher - a trio that chould be used more often.

The report about bothered me for a number of reasons. It was too much deja vu going back to 360's reports on the adult section of Craigslist several months ago. The graphics in the report (red letters & numbers on dark brown) was impossible to read. And Anderson kept interrupting McNally, it felt like Anderson wanted to quickly get to the next question before fully absorbing what McNally said. And McNally had a few good points.

The Ridiculist (#2 in the top ten) was about the woman who called 911 (I think that's what happened) to complain about people talking and texting in the movie theatre. Everything the woman said was funnier than Anderson's comments, IMO. I've given up hoping #1 is the Gerard Depardieu one.