Sunday, December 18, 2011

Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes: The Gardens of the Queen

Anderson's first 60 Minutes report of the season was filmed in Cuba~

Part 1 ~

Part 2 ~

Extras from ~

An underwater Eden
Scientist David Guggenheim discusses why the coral reef known as "The Gardens of the Queen" has thrived while other Caribbean reefs have died off.

Why reefs matter
Scientist David Guggenheim, a senior fellow at the Ocean Foundation, explains what coral is, and why reefs are so important.

Outtakes in paradise
A few things didn't go exactly as planned during the shooting of Anderson Cooper's story "The Gardens of the Queen."

Reporting from 90 feet below
Using a special scuba mask, Anderson Cooper tries to deliver an on-camera report, but the local sea life -- sharks included -- gets in the way.

And from 60 Minutes Overtime ~

Anderson Cooper: Swimming with sharks
Swimming with sharks is perhaps something you never get used to, even though CNN's Anderson Cooper has done his share of it for 60 Minutes, including up close and personal with the fearsome Great White shark last year in South Africa.

But still, nothing could prepare Anderson or producers Andy Court and Anya Bourg for the sheer number of sharks they encountered off the coast of Cuba for this week's 60 Minutes story, "The Gardens of the Queen."

"You're on a boat. You're in the middle of nowhere, and you see these enormous sharks in the water," Andy tells Overtime producer David Rubin. "They're basically circling your boat. They say, you know, 'sharks do not consider humans food. You don't have to worry.' You're like, that's good, that's great. But did all the sharks get the memo?"

Clearly the sharks didn't get the memo about not stealing the scene from the correspondent, because as you'll see on Overtime, one swam between Anderson and the camera as they were shooting a stand-up - making it clear who the star was of that shot.

"The sharks were so close, you are tempted to reach out and touch them," Anderson says. "And I did reach out at one point . . . and then I think I thought better of it."

What does it take to get ready for an underwater, shark-infested, 60 Minutes shoot?

On Overtime you'll see what our team had to learn before heading off to Cuba. Anderson had to practice using new mask technology that allowed him to speak and record his voice underwater. Producer Anya Bourg was a skilled swimmer, but had never before gone scuba diving. And producer Andy Court not only had to learn scuba from scratch, but also had to endure a lot of ribbing from Anderson, who isn't quite ready to declare Andy the next Jacques Cousteau.

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

The underwater scenery in this 60 Minutes piece was absolutely beautiful. The extras were interesting, thanks for posting them.

Anonymous said...

I generally dislike 60 mins because a lot of its about depressing stuff but this segment about the Gardens of the Queen was very moving and I am now telling everyone I talk to and I don't like fish all that much but I really enjoyed this segment and I would like to thank Anderson Cooper for giving me insight on something I knew nothing about

Dee said...

Thanks for posting. I forgot to watch 60 Minutes. Very interesting and enjoyable interview.

aries moon said...

I agree with ACAnderFan, the clear blue underwater shots and the sea life was stunning and it was quite a sight seeing Anderson once again surrounded by sharks. On the other hand, the decimated state of the coral reef in Veracruz, Mexico was depressing to see. This was one of Anderson's better reports on 60 Minutes--it was a long time in coming. Thank you for the additional clips.

Anonymous said...

The segment was fantastic and it makes me miss PIP. Anderson seemed to be really interested in the topic and that's what made topic so interesting.