Friday, December 09, 2011

Anderson: Look Your Best for Less with Heidi Klum

Today's talk show devoted the whole hour to one topic~

How To Look Good for Less Money
Guest: Heidi Klum
Heidi was a special guest co-host and provided tips on how to get glamorous looks for less. There were tips, insider secrets, an audience participation game and audience makeovers.

If you visit the talk show website, Anderson's "stylist" talks about shopping for Anderson, changing his look for the talk show and provides 5 basic tips every man should know, including; #4 “Fit is the most important thing — makes sure the clothes are not too big… or small.” “At first, Anderson wore expensive suits… but I have slowly changed his look to something much more affordable and cool.”

For clips and more information on today's show, please visit by clicking on the hotlink below.

AC360 Transcript
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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Today's show was odd. I like Heidi Klum, but hearing Aderson talk about women's fashion and beauty products was odd.

MichellenLomita said...

I only watched the online clip with Anderson checking out the cologne. That was cute; the segments where he "tries things" are always funny. Nice that he has a brand name scent but he probably won't wear it. People who never put on cologne are usually over-sensitive to the smell. I think he looks good in any style of clothing but best in rugged wear.

Anonymous said...

Anderson needs a female co-host for times like these.
She can't be someone who will out shine him, and that's not hard.
She must be subtle but tasteful with a sense of humor.
I doubt if we will ever see her, because Anderson wants the spotlite on 'HIM.'
That could be his major downfall next season.

Anonymous said...

To Anderson's stylist:
We want to see Anderson wear, what Anderson wears.
Not what you want him to wear.
So far this sweater vest thing is not suitable to him.
Neither are some of the shirts you have outfitted him with.
It's one thing if he chooses the style...that's him.
It's another if YOU do it.

Anonymous said...

It may seem petty to some, but I totally agree with @Anon 12:52 about the stylist changing Anderson's style. To me it's indicative of much that's wrong with the talk show. Little of it seems to be authentic Anderson - from the clothes, to the scripts they write for him, to the topics they chose.

Instead of having a talk show that is uniquely Anderson, they've turned 'Anderson' into just another typical daytime talker. We see glimpses of Anderson's snarky humor and that can be funny; but mostly we see a journalist trying to be a talk show host and not doing a very good job.

I'm all for people trying new things, but just because we want to do something and are given the opportunity to try, doesn't mean can do it well. Few people can do it "all" and do it well.

Anonymous said...

That's it in a nutshell ll:58PM and that's why it is poorly done.
Anderson has absolutely lost his 'sense of self.'
We no longer are seeing him, but someone who looks like him but reads a teleprompter.
When you watched Oprah you knew she had a hands on approach and you can bet Ellen does as well.
Some people just like to designate authority and they lose control.
Maybe that's just part of Anderson's personality, but it gives him less responsiblity, and maybe he likes it like that.

Anonymous said...

I watched Ellen on Friday, then I watched Anderson. Worlds apart. I only watch Ellen now.