Friday, December 02, 2011

Michael Pearl and Extreme Child Discipline, Plus 'Miracle Dog' & Healthy Cooking with Rocco DiSpirito

First Topic: Controversial book, “To Train Up a Child,”
Guests: Michael Pearl, preacher who teaches corporal punishment to parishioners
Elizabeth, former follower of Michael Pearl
D.A. Michael Ramsey, via satellite from Sacramento, CA
Couple that supports Pearl's teachings

Second Topic: "Miracle Dog"
Guests: Daniel the dog that survived a dog pound gas chamber
Joe & Geralynn Dwyer, the couple that recently adopted Daniel
Linda Schiller, Eleventh Hour Rescue

Third Topic: How to prepare healthy dishes for the holidays
Guest: Celebrity Chef Rocco DiSpirito (with Anderson assisting)

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Anonymous said...

Glad Daniel got his fifteen minutes of fame or his moment to shine.
That doggie deserves the best from now on or he wouldn't have survived.
Good for him!

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I liked the segment about Daniel the beagle. He's a cute dog and very lucky to be alive. I wish though that the segment had been longer. Also like the segment with Rocco DiSpirito. Anytime we get to see Anderson attempting to cook its funny.