Thursday, December 15, 2011

Steven Colbert's RidicuList Revenge

Steven Colbert had a little fun at Anderson's expense on Tuesday. I believe the ball is in your court, Mr. Cooper....

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aries moon said...

AC and Colbert's "feud" has been fun, but it may be at its end now since I can't imagine how Anderson could possibly respond to this or top it. I love AC, but Stephen is the master at this sort of thing--I think TCR is much funnier and sharper than TDS even though I love both shows.

judy said...

Jon Stewart "owns" the Colbert show and co-produces it.
They work right along side one another and Jon has always been very gracious towards Colbert.
He even acknowledged him at the Emmy Awards and once said, "After all, a win for him (Colbert) is a win for me."
I believe, they have also shared writters.

aries moon said...

@Judy, interesting point about TDS/TCR possibly sharing writers--the writing on TCR is so pointed and detailed and often filled with references that are really obscure and highbrow. It just has a totally different feel than TDS, IMO.

Anonymous said...

@ Judy TDS and TCR have two different sets of writers. Some people were former writers for TDS but came to TCR. But they currently do not share writers.