Sunday, January 22, 2012

AC360, Saturday Night Edition

CNN stuck with post election coverage long after the competition turned out the lights. AC360 aired a rare Saturday night edition from 11 PM E until midnight.

Here's a rundown of contributors to the program.

In the CNN Election Center in Atlanta:
Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer shared the anchoring duties
John King at the magic wall
Erin Burnett covering money issues
Democrat pundits: James Carville and Donna Brazille
Republican pundits: Ari Fleischer and Alex Castellanos
CNN analysts: Gloria Borger and David Gergen

Romney headquarters: Candy Crowley and John Avalon
Gingrich headquarters: Jim Acosta and Peter Hamby
Santorum headquarters: Dana Bash
Paul headquarters: Joe John

In Jacksonville with undecided Florida voters: Tom Foreman
In Columbia, South Carolina: Roland Martin and Erick Erickson

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast


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Anonymous said...

Not sure why CNN thinks they need to schedule hours of coverage for these events that are typically over in an hour or two. If the race drags on extend the coverage, but to schedule so much airtime and then have the poor anchors, reporters and pundits stuck trying to fill airtime is rather ridiculous.

I, also, found it strange that they called the first hour TSR and the last hour 360 when they basically used the multi-anchor format the whole time. From the description, I expected Wolf would anchor the first hour with others weighing in and Anderson would anchor the last hour with other weighing in as a re-cap, but from what I saw - nothing changed, just six straight hours of the same type of coverage.

I would also be open to an explanation of why CNN always refers to Newt Gingerich as Mr. Speeaker or Speaker Gingerich and President Obama as President Obama the first time in a discussion and just Obama after that.

I think Anderson tweeted once that protocol dictated that they only needed to call him President Obama the first time and after that could call him Obama. Why isn't protocol the same for Speaker Gingerich? Newt is a former speaker and President Obama is sitting President. This seems like a slight to me on the part of CNN.

I used to like CNN because I believed they tried to be pretty fair and balanced, but it seems like since the Tea Party gained popularity they have more of a Republican agenda these days than the middle of the road one they claim.

I laughed when Newt said he welcomed debates with President Obama. Perhaps Newt has blacked out his years as Speaker and the controversies that constantly surrounded him. And can a man who left his first wife when she had cancer and asked his second wife for an open relationship because he was already cheating on her with the woman who is now his third wife, really expect it to all be okay if he said he made some mistakes in his past? What kind of family values party applauds that type of behaviour? Maybe if it had happened once, but twice?

I also laughed when CNN interviewed Newt's daughters from his first wife about the interview with his second wife and Newt commented with his third wife by his side. How can people not laugh at the hypocrisy of it all?

And sorry, but the last person I want to hear discuss the U.S. political campaigns is Piers Morgan. He's as mired in scandal as Newt.

Here's hoping AC360 turns to the breaking news out of Syria and Yemen and the escalating violence in Nigeria on Monday. If they want to cover politics, maybe a detailed analysis of each candidate's platforms and plans for turning the country around vs. how voters in Florida feel about them. Would also like to hear more on how the Super Pacs are effecting the campaign and how some aren't following the rules and are actually speaking at their pacs fundraisers.

Maybe a little more keeping them honest, with some international news mixed in, instead of the constant pundit opinion of what's going to happen in the next state's primary.

Even Anderson said on Friday night that he wasn't sure why they bothered, as the predictions were typically wrong. Well, Mr. Cooper, your name is on the program - you can change the coverage/discussion to a more intelligent level that would benefit your viewers. I'm sure it could be done with a little time and effort by you and your staff. The current coverage isn't building you a viewing audience - perhaps it's time to change it up a bit and bring us fresh news - not stuff re-hashed from other CNN shows or on other networks.

Anonymous said...

Gloria Borger apparently thinks she never has to say PRESIDENT Obama. She always calls him "Barack Obama".

Anonymous said...

@4:45PM: I applaud you for all of your input and taking the time to post.
I didn't stay with CNN last nite after they called it.
You make excellent points.
And yes, Mr.Coopers name is on two programs and poor ratings don't seem to concern him.
Why bother. He gets renewed anyway.