Monday, January 02, 2012

Anderson: Anderson's Resolution Solutions

'Anderson' tackled the top five New Year's Resolutions. Each resolution segment included an everyday couple or person discussing their resolution and then an "expert" weighed in and offered three resolution solutions. There were questions from the audience and an appropriate gift on a couple of occasions.

#1. Lose Weight - Dr. Ro Brock, Fitness Expert
#2. Get Out of Debt - Alexa Von Tobel, Finance Expert
#3. Break a Bad Habit - Dr. Rominmi Durvasula, Addiction Specialist
#4. Get Organized - Justin Klosky, Organizational Expert
#5. Protect Your Identity - John Sileo, Identity Theft Expert

Anderson shared that he had been a victim of identity theft when someone stole his checkbook out of his checked bag at JFK Airport. The show ended with additional questions from the audience for the panel of experts.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does everyone on the show kinda look like they're in a Joe Fresh ad?

Also this show kinda felt repetitive. Like it was just bits and pieces from other episodes. Also a lot of Wednesdays show seems like it's already been covered before.

I have no problems with talk shows talking abut something multiple times. But you gotta let the topic breath.