Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Anderson: Are Stay-at-Home Moms Lazy? Plus, Kathie Lee & Hoda

TOPIC: Controversial new study that says moms with jobs outside the home are healthier and happier
GUESTS: Panel of three stay at home moms and three moms who work outside the home
Rene Syler of

TOPIC: Moms who work part time from home
GUESTS: Two moms who work from home as phone sex operators

TOPIC: The wild ladies of "Today,"
GUESTS: Kathie Lee & Hoda
Kathi Lee and Hoda weighed in on the debate and played a game to see how well they knew each other

"Web Extras"
Audience questions with Kathi Lee and Hoda, after the show ~

Unedited version of the game Anderson played with Kathie Lee and Hoda ~

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I don't know who is picking these topics but they're not doing a good job. I doubt Anderson has any interest in the debate between working moms and stay at home moms. The topics don't see to reflect Anderson's interests at all.

Anonymous said...

We really don't know what Anderson's interest are.
But his show needs more than 1.3
million to grow.
And with these topics and more competition, I don't see it growing.
He's lucky if he's able to sustain
l million.

Phebe said...

I will never understand the reason woman criticizing and demeaning other women is considered entertainment by television producers. ANDERSON hit a new low with today's episode exploring 'Are Stay at Home Mothers Lazy?'. I would like to say that Anderson's staff is lazy if that's the best they can come up with. It's disgraceful.

On a positive note the segment with Star was interesting and Kathy and Hoda were very entertaining.

I think ANDERSON needs to be reinvented as a half hour talk show because that's about all the longer it holds my interest most days.

Anonymous said...

Each day this week has been a new low on 'Anderson' for me and today was the lowest. The stay at home vs. working mom is an old debate, that IMO should never be debated. Each mom/family needs to decide what works best for them and their child/children. For women to judge other women on this issue is crazy. I would expect something like this from Maury or Srpinger, but not Anderson.

And talk about a lazy staff -- the study conclusions were that moms that worked part time were the happiest. Why weren't they represented on the panel? Guess it wouldn't have made for good TV?

If Anderson really wanted to help people he would have devoted more time to part time working moms and the lady "expert" in the audience that talked about a website devoted to helping women find part time work. Maybe that doesn't play for ratings?

I enjoyed Kathi Lee and Hoda, though I never watch their program, they were bright, bubbly and fun.

To me the topics being covered aren't in Mr. Cooper's wheelhouse. There is nothing about the show, IMO, that is authentically Anderson, unless maybe the jeans he seems to wear often - certainly not the rest of his attire or the topics. Perhaps the show would be better, if the staff let Anderson, be Anderson and not have him play a role they think daytime viewers want to see.

The most authentic I've seen Anderson on the talk show of late was when he interviewed Angelina Jolie about Bosnia and the very short segment with the author of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Anderson could relate and an intelligent conversation ensued - no outrage, no anger, no Maury, no Springer.... just Anderson.


judy said...

@Phebe & Wonz,
I think you both make very good points, especially the half hour suggestion by Phebe.
I had the same thought.
I know I said this before, but the only full length show I watched, was on pets, a while back.
I'm an animal lover and Anderson seemed to come out of his shell and be real.
The rest of the topics I wouldn't watch no matter who was hosting.
What is most bothersome is that I gave up watching 360 for the most part and suspect some others have done this as well.
I don't think Anderson's heart and soul are in either of his shows anymore and that's sad.
What's most alarming is that someone "dresses him," dayside.
Now how can that be "real?"
Thanks for the commentary.

Dee said...

@Phoebe, Judy, Wontz
I think a daytime show should be about topics of interest to the viewer and not necessarily to the host. If there is a topic I'm interested in, I watch the show. If I have no interest in the topic I don't watch it. I realize there are a million others with different interests and he can't please everyone every day. From the promos of the show I gathered the show was to present a different side of Anderson.

As to his clothing "authentically Anderson" is AC360(suit & tie) or field reporting (black tee). Neither of these would be appropriate for the daytime show. We've seen the closet of suits at his office and I would think his closet at home has more variety.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the show is not going well, the way the topics were handled were insulting and insensitive towards women. That women can't find a job other than phone sex operator is not entertaining, it is a tragedy and Anderson seems to have missed that altogether. The show had a Jerry Springer feel and it was painful to watch.