Thursday, January 19, 2012

Anderson: Audience Q&A After Taping

From 'Anderson' - Audience Q&A: After Taping with the One-Man Sperm Bank & The Latest Author Phenom

An audience member asks Anderson, “If you could go anywhere in the world you haven’t been, where would you go and why?”

“I think if it doesn’t impact you, you have no business being there.” Hear more from Anderson as he answers an audience member’s question about how he separates himself from tragedy when he visits worldwide places during catastrophic events.

“What have you learned from hosting a talk show?” asks another audience member. “I like the variety,” says Anderson. He continues by telling the audience, it was interesting meeting Trent (from today’s show) and families impacted by what he’s doing.

Many fans who visit the show express worry about Anderson being able to work as much as he does. In the video below, an audience member asks Anderson, “How do you have the energy to do this (“Anderson”) and ‘360’ (“AC 360”) at night?

In the last audience question from today’s show, Anderson shares his respect for Gordon Parks, the first African-American photojournalist for LIFE magazine.

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