Sunday, January 08, 2012

Anderson Cooper Covers the Iowa Caucus

Today we are looking back at the 8+ hours of CNN's Iowa Caucus coverage; where Anderson Cooper was part of the (to borrow an old term) "The Best Political Team on Television" ~

After some initial preparation, the first hour kicked off with a serious opening and Anderson's explanation the various components of the coverage. By the end of the hour, the "Weebles" had made their appearance!

Hours two thru five gave us a few glimpses of Anderson's snarky sense of humor; and he gave us a tour of the "Cube" and how it worked and was schooled on the "Social Media Screen" (Twitter board) by Ali Velshi ~

At this point, the special caucus coverage was scheduled to end and a special edition of Piers Morgan Tonight was to air. The race was too tight to call, and the team continued their live coverage. Hour six highlights included a feisty discussion with Anderson at the pundit table and Piers joined the coverage as they discussed the race tightening up as results continued to come in.

Hour seven of coverage contained many hilarious moments; the "flick", the "twitter wall", Wolf saying "OMG" as the vote margin was down to one vote, and Wolf telling Anderson to "talk to your friends" when Anderson was trying to log into Twitter!

Not sure when in the coverage Ali caught a nap, but I'm guessing some of the others were a bit jealous as the coverage entered hour eight!

With the race to close to call and only one precinct yet to report, the team stayed live and tried to do some of that investigative journalism "stuff."

Anderson isn't in much of the following clip, perhaps he was checking tweets or e-mails while Wolf speaks with Edith and Carolyn, who end up becoming the "stars" of the CNN coverage.

Hour eight coverage continues with John King doing math and Anderson and team discussing the "best live phone call ever!" Lot's of laughs by the whole team in this clip. You can tell it's 2:30am and they've been on the air way longer than they expected to be.

The Iowa GOP Announcement of the final results comes.....without audio? Wolf wants to know if he can call it a SNAFU. The final results are read and when Anderson asks James Carville what he thinks....

Anderson and Ali are back at the Social Media Screen (AKA Twitter Wall) to see the latest developments... guess what's trending!

Anderson was called back to the anchor table by Wolf, as Ethel and Carolyn were back on the phone and wanted to speak with him. All the anchors had questions for the ladies.

It's 3amET, the results have been declared and the CNN Team is still on the air. During this final clip, the "CNN After Dark" graphic is unveiled and a discussion ensues over the proper theme music. As they continue to develop the CNN After Dark idea, there are some historical election facts and a lot of laughter mixed in. Roland tries to get voted "off the island," Anderson has "nothing more" and anchors and pundits are all asked to give their final thoughts, before Anderson throws to an early addition of the CNN "Starting Point."

In Closing... Anderson predicted that Jon Stewart would mock Wolf over the Weebles and he was correct!

On Wednesday night, Jon mocks the CNN Weebles graphic and includes Anderson's prediction as the Moment of Zen

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