Monday, January 09, 2012

Anderson: Dating for Dollars & Pet Cloning: How Far Is Too Far?

TOPIC: An online dating website where men pay women for the opportunity to date them
GUESTS: Judy, a mom who has gone on paid dates
Brandon Wade, Owner of
Two men who have used the site and paid for dates
Psychologist and Relationship Expert Dr. Michelle Callahan

TOPIC: Cloning pets
GUEST: Danielle, the woman from the TLC special, "I Cloned My Pet," who spent $50,000 to clone her dog

And a couple of screengrabs of Anderson with Molly ~

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Anonymous said...

Have to admit I did tune in just to see the looks and comments AC would make on the dating site and he did not disappoint. Anyone notice that it is always the guys who start these crazy sites and the women(the audience) is smart enough to see through them. The guy Michael was a real creep and as the good Dr said he's using it for an escort service, I'm putting it nicely.

I didn't see the cloning segment, but spending 50,000 to clone your per is way too weird for me and I am a dog owner.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Where do they come up with these topics? They're really bad. The pet cloning is just weird. I love my dog more than anything and can't imagine not having her around but there is no way I would ever clone her.

Anonymous said...

I'm over the stories on these websites. If they weren't making money, they wouldn't be around and if it was only men frequenting them, they would go out of business. The women are just as guilty as the men, IMO.

Anyone who visits the sites, has naked pics taken of themselves and posts them on the Internet (even if they think it is just to friends), etc - get what they deserve.

Were it not for 'Anderson' a whole group of people probably wouldn't know these sites existed, so all the talk show is doing is drawing attention to these questionable sites and giving them their 15 minutes of fame. Pretty much Jerry Springer topics to me.

I feel topics like today's are beneath Anderson Cooper, the journalist. Guess Anderson Cooper, the talk show host has sold out for ratings?