Friday, January 20, 2012

Anderson: The Purity Myth: Does Abstinence Work?

TOPIC: Purity: Promise or Myth?
Guests: *Michael Bonk, Attends Purity Balls with two teenage daughters
*Laura Bonk, Helped plan Purity Balls for her daughters
*Nichole Bonk, Attended Purity Ball with father
*Rachel Bonk, Attended Purity Ball with father
*Jessica Valenti, Says Purity Balls are sexist and antiquated, Author of "The Purity Myth", calls abstinence only educators dangerous
*Randy Wilson, Founder of Father-Daughter Purity Ball, Father of five daughters
From the audience:
*Jessica Urban, Grew up in the Purity movement, now opposes it
*Lakita Garth Wright, Abstinence educator
*13 year old girl named Sarah and her mom, Sarah made a viral video about the double standard for guys and girls

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Today's 'Anderson' was weird yet interesting at the same time. At least it focused on one topic which made the show more enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

I watched the first 10 minutes of this show and was totally creeped out by the fathers and daughters/purity balls images/discussion and changed the channel.

It was like I had been transported back in time or to another country. Are these people part of a cult? That was the impression the video left me with...

Anonymous said...

I noticed that the tone in which Anderson spoke during the video, explaining the purity movement was what made it "creepy".
Are you kidding me? Some kind of cult? I'll tell you what is strange and creepy...girls having sex with whoever, whenever, wherever, and at any age. It's expected, it's encouraged, it's the new normal. Girls at a very young age are targeted and sexualized. I am a 27 year old woman who pledged purity when I was in high school, it was uncommon back then as well. But I'll tell you what; Alot of my old friends have told me they wished that they had held out for that one guy they will spend their life with. Instead they are left with broken hearts, STD's, unwanted babies, and a bad reputation, not to mention nothing new to give their soul mate. It is NOT normal to sleep with more than one partner you intend to spend the rest of your life with. Nothing is sacred has become like fast food. What next? Should we trade our children as often as our sex partners?
I found it appalling when the female author in this clip said that purity balls are sexualizing girls before they are even at excuse me?!!!! That is why we need purity balls, because the media is sexualizing young girls and this counteracts it. This tells little girls they can be beautiful without being slutty and mean. Have you SEEEN toddler beauty paegants or anything? Have you noticed how young girls become sexually active? They recommend vaccinations against certain sexually transmitted diseases at age 11 for girls. Today's children are having their innocence robbed, and its sickening.