Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Anderson: Stars of New Reality Show 'Bayou Billionaires'. Plus, Winning the Lottery Ruined My Life.

TOPIC: Today's Headlines
Panel: *Renee Graziano, VH1, "Mob Wives"
*Michelle Buteau, Comedian
*Mel Robbins, Author, "Stop Saying You're Fine"
*Kimberly Allers, Audience Member

TOPIC: The stars of CMT's new reality show, “Bayou Billionaires”
Guests: *Gerald, Became overnight millionaire
*Kitten, Gerald's wife of 42 years
*Valerie, Gerald and Kitten's oldest daughter
*Grandpa, the ladies' man (via Skype)
*2 other unidentified, non-speaking family members

TOPIC: Lottery winners who reveal that being awarded millions ruined their lives
Guests: *Rhoda, Won $13million in lottery, lost it all
*Farnoosh Torabi, Host of Yahoo's "Financially Fit"
*Cynthia, Won $112 million lottery, Feels friend was just using her for money
*Tarry, Thinks the lottery changed her friend

There were audience questions throughout the last two topics and Farnoosh also gave tips for finding "hidden" money.

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Today's 'Anderson' was pretty bad. Who comes up with these ideas?

Anonymous said...

@ACAnderFan I suspect in the office they have a dart board with an assortment of topics such as: TLC, Reality that's not TLC, Bullying, sperm donors, yucky food, celeb currently in film, youtube, animals, sketchy websites, coupons/saving money, and kathy to name a few

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

@anonymous 11:18pm, I think you might be right! It seems like that's what they do. The topics they pick are really bad sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I've only seen the clip of the "Hot Topics" here on ATA; I know Anderson has done this at least once before. What is this supposed to be? It looks like an imitation of The View.

However, it was interesting that an audience member became one of the panel members. For her sake this segment should have gone on longer..

@Anon 11:18 pm - maybe there's another dart board at the "Anderson" offices - TLC Topics We Can Use. Topics such as child pageants, hoarders and little people.

A cable channel, don't know which one, had a show almost exactly titled "Lottery Ruined My Life."

Next up on "Anderson" - brides choose the wedding dress of their dreams!


aries moon said...

I muted the Bayou Billionaires--not in the mood to listen to people gloating about their wealth in this economy, but the woman who lost her millions and the two women who were struggling with their relationship because of money was kind of interesting.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:40 AM, I googled Lottery Ruined my Life and come up with a show called Lottery Changed My Life on guess what network, wait for it ... ta da TLC. So they changed one word and got a topic for Anderson. Too bad he seems to have abandoned everything that he was passionate about in exchange for rating, I wonder how much the devil bought his soul for.