Thursday, January 12, 2012

Anderson: Suze Orman. Plus, a Viral Video Everyone's Talking About

TOPIC: Talking Headlines
Guests: Lauren Lake, Nicole Williams, Faith Salie and an audience member

TOPIC: Personal Finance
Guest: Suze Orman - to talk finance, answer questions, promote her show on the OWN network and her newest book

TOPIC: Viral Video
Guest: Franchesca, the young woman behind the video that has sparked a conversation on race and stereotypes

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

The only good part of today's episode of 'Anderson' was the first segment where Anderson spoke to the women various news stories. That was pretty amusing and something different. Loved Anderson telling the story about Sinead O'Connor.

Anonymous said...

The first segment to me seemed like Anderson was trying to be "The View" and do something like their hot topics. The execution seemed weak. The audience asking questions/commenting during the segment seemed odd and out of place.

I know Suze Orman has sold a lot of books, but I'm not a fan. People's financial situations are complex and unique and need more than one sentence answers. She's certainly profiting off of other's financial woes.

I'm not sure I fully comprehended the viral video. It seemed to me like 'Anderson' was trying to stir up conflict where it didn't necessarily exist. His show seems to be going in the Maury/Springer direction lately.

Tomorrow sounds like another Maury/Springer topic and the ads for next week look like more toddlers and tiaras and sperm donor shows. Perhaps it's time for some more of the Anderson staff to go, if this is the best they can come up with for show topics....

aries moon said...

The Talking Headlines segment needs some tweaking if they're going to continue it--maybe it was just a one time experiment. Too much time was spent talking about the Kardashians which is ironic since Anderson said he'd never have them on his show--I was hoping he also meant that he wouldn't TALK about them period--it was a relief when he made the point that they should stop talking about them. One of the women on the panel was so loud she was giving me a headache--I hope she's not going to be a regular if they do this segment again.

Suze Orman annoys me to no end. I can't be bothered to ever listen to her.

I totally got the point Franchesca was trying to make with her viral video--sometimes people don't realize how what they say or how their perceptions may affect someone else. One of the reasons this segment interested me was because of the comments and observations that Anderson was making himself about the topic.

judy said...

Ok. I didn't watch the show, just the clips here, and Suze is Suze.
She gave the same one sentence answers to Oprah every time she was on her show too.
Suze Orman makes money from people who are in financial distress and she hasn't changed.
I've never bought one item she's sold because to me, she's a hypocrite.