Monday, January 30, 2012

Anderson: Unhappily Ever After: The Business of Divorce

TOPIC: The Ugly Business of Divorce
Guests: *Elizabeth Petrakis, Judge dismissed her prenup, Fought to get prenup dismissed, Started seminars to teach people about divorce
*Dennis D'Antonio, Attorney for Elizabeth Petrakis (from audience)
*Robert Wallack, Attorney
*Erica, Co-founder of Divorce Prep School (with Elizabeth) from audience

TOPIC: Family in Crisis, Save Our House
Guests: *Delores, Says her home was ruined by the natural gas company
*Vernon, Husband of Delores
*Erin Brokovich, Consumer advocate
*Home Depot Team (via Skype from outside the home) Home Depot will help assure home gets fixed (donating material and labor, apparently)

TOPIC: Hot New Trends, 2012
Guest: Jennifer Romolini, Editor-In-Chief, Yahoo! Shine

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

What is with the talk show and having multiple unrelated topics? Is it really that hard for them to focus only on one topic. I did like the part about the family whose house will be fixed. Other than that the show wasn't too good.

Anonymous said...

If the show devoted its whole 60 minutes to one topic, people not interested in that subject wouldn't even tune in.

ACAnderFan is a perfect example: she only liked one of the three topics and might not have watched the show at all if it had been limited to just one of the other subjects.