Monday, January 23, 2012

'Anderson' Web Exclusive: Erica Hill, Tabatha Coffey and Franchesca Ramsey Talk Headlines + 'Ask Anderson'

A "Web Exclusive" from

This week journalist and co-host Erica Hill, reality TV star Tabatha Coffey, viral video creator Franchesca Ramsey and an audience member from seat 123, Chanel, joined Anderson in the studio to talk headlines.

An iPhone app causing controversy, a new game minimizing cell phone distractions during dinnertime, monitoring obesity in children and more -- take a look at what you didn't see on TV this week.

And a new "Ask Anderson" ~

What Story Is on Your Must-Do List?
Bridget, a community member from Yahoo Shine, asks Anderson, "What is it that you love about being a journalist? What is one story that you haven't reported or interviewed that is on your must-do list?"

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