Thursday, January 26, 2012

Anderson: Your Family's Secret Life: 'Sex Addiction' & 'Shocking Teen Trends Uncovered'

TOPIC: Your Family's Secret Life
Guests: *Amanda, Found out her husband has a porn addiction
*Rick (Amanda's husband) Admitted to wife he has a porn addiction
*Dr. Megan Fleming, Clinical Psychologist
*Dr. David Ley, Clinical Psychologist

TOPIC: Shocking Teen Trends
Guests: *Abby, 14, Tried bath salts (from audience)
*Dr. Ian Smith
*Chelsea Krost, Teen peer expert & author
*Nikki, Posted video about vodka soaked gummy bears on You Tube (from audience)
*Tammy, Tried a whiskey soaked tampon (from audience)

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Today's 'Anderson' hit an all time low. Alcohol soaked tampons? Seriously he's talking about alcohol soaked tampons? AC is so much better than the topics on his talk show.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Anderson doesn't think so.

Anonymous said...

I heard the phrase "are you a sex addict?" and turned the show off. ACAnderFsn is right the show has hit a new low. As for the poster yesterday commenting on the Anderson staff I totally agree, they are fulfilling their own whims and desires for topics and forgetting their audience.