Saturday, January 21, 2012

Next Week on Anderson 1/23/12

Monday, Jan. 23
Has Your Obsession Gone Too Far? Mother Reveals She Spent Kids College Tuition
ANDERSON meets one mom whose family is on the verge of bankruptcy because of her compulsive shopping. Plus, find out if one of your passions is actually an obsession.

Tuesday, Jan. 24
Man-imony: Should Women Have to Pay Their Ex-Husbands Alimony?
ANDERSON explores the rising trend and speaks to victims of “man-imony,” where women are court ordered to pay their ex-husbands alimony. Experts also provide tips about what women can do to protect their money.

Wednesday, Jan. 25
Should You Call The Cops On Your Kids?
ANDERSON speaks with mothers who were so overwhelmed by their children’s behaviour that they called the cops to have their own children arrested. Plus, meet the woman who has been dubbed “America’s Worst Mom,” Lenore Skenazy, who made global headlines when she let her then nine-year-old son ride the subway in New York City alone.

Thursday, Jan. 26
Your Family’s Secret Life: Sex Addiction and Shocking Teen Trends Uncovered
ANDERSON explores the secrets family members keep from each other, including a hidden addiction to porn. An expert provides tips to discover if your spouse is hiding secrets, and explains the difference between a healthy sex appetite and an addiction. Plus, ANDERSON investigates new drug trends among teenagers, from synthetic marijuana to bath salts, and gummy bears soaked in alcohol.

Friday, Jan. 27
What Does Confessed Murderer, Joran van der Sloot’s Guardian Angel Say Now? Plus Anderson is Surprised by his Childhood Idol
Just days after Jordan van der Sloot pled guilty to the murder of 21-year-old Peruvian Stefany Flores, van der Sloot’s self-appointed guardian angel, Mary Hamer, reveals why she still believes he is innocent and shares the intimate letters exchanged with van der Sloot as he awaited sentencing. Plus, ANDERSON has no idea that one of his childhood idols is onset to surprise him!

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Anonymous said...

Oh come on please tell me WHY van der Sloot's Angel deserves a second look. Anderson seemed so fed up with her the last time, so why have her back. Don't they have any sense over there?


Anonymous said...

Regarding having Mary Hamer (Joran van der Sloot's "angel") back on: there is new news about Sloot so they will have more to talk about. And maybe "Anderson" got good feedback about her after the first time she was on. In any case, I won't watch this episode.

I'm not thrilled with any of the topics. The show really wants to grab those soccer moms, doesn't it?
Why will Anderson be talking to mothers who called the cops on their kid but not fathers who may have done the same thing? I'd bet the farm that the panels for "obsessions" and "family secrets" will all be women.

However, the show yesterday about abstinence might be worth watching if it's repeated because I'm interested in what the panel said about the real double standard between guys and girls having sex.


Anonymous said...

The only one that looks half interesting is Monday's if it's about family finance.
But the wording, "Has your obsession gone too far?" This could mean anything.
It might be of interest to hear the family filing for bankrupcy and what brought them there.
Hopefully this "obseesion" is about shopping, and not anything else that's weird.

Anonymous said...

Wow!...just when I thought the topics couldn't get much worse...

There is absolutely nothing on this list that interests me. And van der Sloot's "guardian angel" again right away? That woman needs psychological help, not more TV time.

I guess Anderson really did sell out his integrity for ratings and given the ratings, it's not working. How did this mess get renewed?

Anonymous said...

Yes,10:49, how did this inferior show get renewed??
You really have to wonder.
Was it to fill air time or what?
Next fall Anderson will have a lot of work to do to keep his show going.
There will be a lot of competition from Katie Couric who has already said she is looking to have "elevated discussions."
Jeff Zucker, who is her executive producer, anaylzed the talk show landscape and said, that Katie will fill the elevated talk niche since nobody else has.
A slight dig at AC I think for not doing just that.

Anonymous said...

I think both 10:49 and 1:49 have a valid point. 'Soccer moms' as well as those of us who work outside of the home are still people of intelligence. I find nothing in 'Anderson' that is topically intelligent. I keep looking, hoping for a change, and there is none. Until 'Anderson' stops dumbing down the topics and begins to show a higher level of thoughtful topics, the show will disappoint and it has greatly disappointed me. Therefore I do not watch and I do not record.