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Monday, Jan. 9
How Far Is Too Far?
How far is too far to get what you want? Anderson spends the hour speaking with the creator and members of an online dating website where men pay women for the opportunity to date them, as well as critics claiming the site is a form of prostitution. Anderson also speaks with a woman who legally fought, and won, the right to be buried in the same cemetery as her pets. Then, meet the woman from the TLC special, I CLONED MY PET, who paid tens of thousands of dollars to have her dog, Trouble, cloned, so she could have “Double Trouble.”

Tuesday, Jan. 10
Daytime Exclusives: DANCE MOMS & Inside the Casey Anthony Trial
Anderson is joined by the cast of Lifetime’s controversial hit reality series, DANCE MOMS, which follows volatile dance instructor Abby Lee Miller, a mentor to young dancers, who frequently faces off with their stage mothers. Then, nearly six months after Casey Anthony was found not guilty of murdering her daughter, Anderson takes viewers inside the headline making trial by speaking with the medical examiner who performed Caylee’s autopsy, Dr. Jan Garavaglia.

Wednesday, Jan. 11
The Mom Debate: Are Stay-At-Home Moms Lazy? Plus, Kathie Lee & Hoda
Anderson speaks with one working mom who shares her extreme point of view claiming that stay-at-home moms are just lazy. Anderson and a panel of moms discuss the brand new controversial study stating working moms are healthier and happier, and debate the issue of who is actually happier. Anderson also talks with one mom who has gone to extremes to work from home, currently working as a phone sex operator. Plus, the wild ladies of TODAY, Kathie Lee & Hoda stop by and weigh in on the controversial new study.

Thursday, Jan. 12
Families in Crisis Over Money & More, Plus Suze Orman
Anderson spends the hour helping families in crisis over money and more. CNBC’s Suze Orman is on hand to dole out her no nonsense personal finance advice to ANDERSON viewers, including how to overcome holiday debt, what the average person should really be spending on the essentials, and how to go from spender to saver. Plus, one family in financial crisis looks at their dreaded holiday credit card bill for the first time! Anderson is also helping families in crisis find resolution.

Friday, Jan. 13
Man-imony: Should Women Have To Pay Their Ex-Husbands Alimony?
Anderson explores the rising trend of “man-imony,” in which women are court ordered to pay their ex-husbands alimony. In a daytime exclusive, Anderson speaks with Crystal Harris, who explains why after being sexually and physically assaulted by her husband for years, she is now forced to pay him $1,000 in alimony a month. Plus, find out the number one thing women do wrong when it comes to money.

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Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does Anderson's staff seem to be obsessed with certain topics, reality show train wrecks(Dance Moms), what goes on Online? I know they are young, hip and think they know what America wants, but do they?


Anonymous said...

@DeeDee I don't think it's you. I was hoping the change in Executive Producers would bring improvement in show topics. Instead we seem to be getting even more reality show , "train wrecks", but then the new Executive Producer is involved with reality TV shows, so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. I'm guessing the staff is a little out of touch with what America wants as the ratings for 'Anderson' seem to be stagnant - with either a 1.3 or 1.4 share since I believe week two. It's certainly not building an audience.

In looking over this week's line up - all I can say is "thanks, but no!" There isn't one topic or guest that I am interested in/feel is worth my time. I like Anderson Cooper, but I won't be watching just to see Anderson. I find watching the daytime show when these types of topics are featured, makes me lose respect for him as a journalist.

I'll watch 360. Between the New Hampshire primary coverage and hopefully some reports out of Haiti -- maybe he can gain back some of that journalistic integrity he looses with me when he does NYE with Kathy Griffin and covers silly/uninteresting topics on his daytime show.

So happy to see him tweet today that he's in Haiti. Apparently he interviewed Haiti's president and is visiting a tent camp. I was hoping he would anchor 360 from Haiti on Thursday (the 2nd anniversary of the quake), but he has talk show taping(s) that day - so I was glad to see him go this weekend and hopefully some Haiti reports will air on 360 on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Not a fan of Suze Orman but Thursday's show looks like it has the best/most serious topic that anyone could relate to. And I'm glad to see Anderson do more one-topic shows.

However, the rest of the topics seem to be geared towards the soccer moms. Friday's "man-alimony" sounds serious but one-sided; hopefully there will be some guys there too giving their side of the story.

I've seen commercials for "Dance Moms" and always wondered about Abby Lee Miller. I would love it if Anderson asked her about her weight. Supposedly she is a very good dance instructor but how well can she teach her students if she's not a well-toned dancer herself?

Like I said, I've only seen commercials, maybe Miller addresses this in her show. And I'm not being snarky (I'm overweight myself, working on that) but if I had a daughter who wanted dancing lessons I would hesitate going to someone who doesn't practice what they preach.

Maybe it's a "train wreck" show but it's the only "Anderson" all week I'm even a little curious about.


Anonymous said...

Thursday's show looks as though it might have some potential.
As it is now, it is only one topic, a family with fiancial woes and Suze Orman.
But it is hard to relate to Anderson and the topics that are chosen for him.
While I could see Oprah having financial woes at one time in her life, did Anderson?
Hard to believe he ever did really.
He never talks about unemployment on 360 so how then can he relate?

Anonymous said...

@Jaanza It's actually not all that weird to see dance instructors who aren't in shape but still are amazing teachers. But I know nothing about Abby apart from a couple clips from her show. Although I've seen some of her former students on Broadway.

Anyways I don't think I'll watch most of the episodes this week. What are they thinking when they put together some of these topics? "Hey so since we're already on the topic of kids why don't we just go straight to talking about Casey Anthony?". I hate episodes that feel like they have tack on's.

This is kinda random but I've been looking at the Anderson facebook page and comments from fans. I noticed there are dozens of comments asking for an episode on soaps, and why it's unfair they are being cancelled. Really?


Anonymous said...

Some executive producer must have a the primary say or control because most of these topics are directly linked to TLC.
If you have no interest in TLC, why would you watch any of these shows, just to see Anderson?
It would be better if Anderson used his own influence and got someone like Andy Cohen on to discuss his own up and coming talkshow.
More viewers watch Bravo than TLC.

MichellenLomita said...

Too many female guests. Might help if the producers invite more dynamic men to the show. Also Anderson needs a take-the-lead lady co-host, though not Kathy Griffin (I've never watched Anderson do Times Square because she's there). He tries hard, but isn't outgoing and energetic enough to carry it alone. He needs the male/female interaction. None of the topics look interesting to me, but I haven't watched since the short clip where his cologne was introduced. His staff does a lot of publicizing for other TV personalities and digging up old events like Casey Anthony, and shows a bunch of uninteresting junk in general. I really like AC, but in my opinion he's not in anything worth watching at this point.

Anonymous said...

Have only one thing to say after reviewing this week's shows: Are you kidding me?

judy said...

I take back what I said about Suze Orman being an interesting topic
for Anderson.
In today's NYT's, business section,
Suze Orman is featured trying "to sell" her new debit card to her fans, with her name in bold plastic print emblazoned across it.
I agree with the staff writer of the Times, isn't this a bit hypocritical?
Most of these debit cards are pitched to those who can least afford them and don't have much credit history, and it seems Ms Orman is taking advantage of this fact.
This is not the first time Suze Orman has had a, shall we say, conflict of interests in the business arena.
She's continually trying to sell financial opportunity packages on QVC, to an audience who may already be bogged down in financial debt.
Is she doing this under the guise of being helpful or hindering those who are in the process of financial recovery?
I have come to the conclusion, that she is nothing more than an opportunist, feeding off people who can least afford it, and she has been very successful at it.
But, at least there is one topic here and it is about handling money.