Tuesday, January 24, 2012

SOTU & AC360 on Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Anderson Cooper anchored a post SOTU edition of AC360 on Tuesday evening. His panel included Candy Crowley, Ari Fleischer, David Gergen, Gloria Borger, John King, Roland Martin and Paul Begala.

Anderson interviewed Senator Jim DeMint (SC R) and David Plouffe (Obama Senior Advisor).

John King was at on The Hill working his traveling version of the magic map.

Dana Bash was also on Capital Hill and interviewed Jeff Flake (AZ R).

Tom Foreman was with a group of undecided voters in the Time Warner Media Lab,

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast


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Anonymous said...

Ari Fleischer needs to check his facts.
President Obama never said people shouldn't go to Las Vegas.
What he said was taken completely out of context and he was speaking
at a rally in '08 and was trying to make a point about economic values.
He later said that he misspoke, but Republicans like Ari like to cling to nonexistent misinformation, in order to cast doubt on someone who is far better than anyone the GOP has to offer.
Anderson should have called him on his inability to get facts straight. Fleischer is just plain annoying.

aries moon said...

I agree with Judy, Ari Fleischer is awful and he never shuts up, nor does Anderson ever attempt to push back or question his statements. There are much better and more credible conservative commentators out there (Rich Galen, Alex Castellanos). Ari's association with the Bush Administration makes him extremely difficult to listen to, he's too smug and condescending and most of the time, just flat out wrong.

Claire said...

I agree completely, Judy. I don't like Ari Fleischer. It seems he just likes the sound of his own voice because he will talk forever if left to do so. His opinions bother me, his voice and speech pattern are really irritating. He needs to be called on his incorrect statements. But then, you have to know those statements are incorrect and even though Anderson says repeatedly that all these statistics are fascinating to him, I believe he has little or no interest in politics. He is not the political junkie that Wolf or John King are.