Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Series 1/8/12

Flashback to October 9, 2009 and you'll see that Anderson Cooper was back again in the co-anchor chair on Live with Regis and Kelly. This day's host chat included talk about the paparazzi talking pictures of Anderson at the gym, his recent trip to Helmand Province in Afghanistan, airplane travel, dentist visits, having dinner together and Twitter.

Host Chat:

Padma Lakshmi, Host of Top Chef:

Joss Stone, singing Free Me:

Another Live contest and how to enter:


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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I love that everytime Anderson was on R&K he had a story about the dentist and being on an airplane. He seems more fun on R&K than he does on his own talk show.

Anonymous said...

His own show is far too scripted.
The purpose of the monologue was to adlib and just talk.
Until anderson has someone he's comfortable bantering with and takes control away from his squadron of young hires, his own show will never get any better than it is.
He's just not that interesting.

judy said...

The fact that Kelly can go on without Regis and still get top ratings shows that she had learned the art of talk host.
Anderson has yet to acquire this skill and he just may not be up to the task.
His friend Andy Cohen had NeNe Leaks on this past Sunday.
While I'm not a fan of Cohen, he does seem to have the energy that AC lacks, and he realizes that the housewives are an important asset.
Even though he's head of programming, you can tell he takes control of his show.
The dynamics are there. He does not
rely on others to do his bidding.