Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Wednesday Morning's Odds & Ends

AC360 producer Kirk McDonald tweeted this picture yesterday of Anderson Cooper receiving his 10 year anniversary award from CNN. It included an plaque, a key fob and a CNN pin. Happy Anniversary AC!

It was announced this week that Anderson will be doing a speaking engagement in Vancouver, BC on April 5. To purchase tickets ($175) follow the link.

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Anonymous said...

A key fob probably left over from the old Online CNN store ad I hope the CNN pin was gold or something. Other than the plaque the rest seem very cheap gifts. Sorry but AC's been their for a long time and did a lot for CNN, it doesn't seem right. Bet he really doesn't care as long as the paychecks keep coming.

Anonymous said...

I find it reassuring that even someone like Anderson gets the same basic (for basic read CHEAP) anniversary gifts from his employer that I get from mine! (Although I do have to admit I got a diamond pendant from them for my 25th anniversary that's actually quite nice - shocked me to no end!)